PortraitMeet The Landscape Hunter, or Thomas, as I know him.

Thomas is your ultimate man’s man. I mean, the guy can grow a beard from one day to the next, he carry’s a really sharp knife and generally only wears black. He also travels to the most remote parts of the world, sleeps in a tent and waits around in the middle of nowhere till the light is just right to take a photo. And it’s none of this digital photography crap you see here, it’s old school vibes, one man, one tripod, and a roll of film. Yeah. Like I said, man stuff.

Up until now, Thomas has been sharing his amazing photographic souvenirs exclusively on Instagram. But finally, after many years of traveling everywhere from Patagonia to Death Valley, he’s having an exhibition of some of his favourite landscapes at blok Living in Sea Point, Cape Town. I was lucky enough to attend the opening night and was really blown away with the body of work.

I decided I really wanted to share the work with you guys, but that maybe it was better that you see it for yourself, so instead, I’ve decided just to wet your appetite.

2-pics-portraitbooksme-backfloor-shotE-&-Wine“My wanderlust was fueled by the inspirational and fantastical landscape photography I’d seen in books and magazines growing up, and these images served as the driving force behind the creation of this collection. Through my travels I have been fortunate to experience many mysterious territories, with minimal planning, and with no companion other than my desire to explore. When cellphone towers disappear, and only the Sun as my guide, I am truly at peace.” – Thomas Ferreira


As usual, seeing it online really doesn’t do it justice. The mere scale of these 3 metre pictures can really only be appreciated in the flesh!

So,wether art is your thing or not, I highly suggest getting down to Blok Living in Sea Point to check out this exhibition. The exhibition is on till the 19th of November where Thomas will be throwing a closing party and allowing a bunch of local artists (including my favourite tattoo artist Manuela Gray) to re interpret his landscapes. If you don’t make the exhibition, definitely get down to the closing party, the artists involved will be working live and everything will be auctioned off at the end of the night.

If you want to contact The Landscape Hunter for a private viewing or walk through you can do it at

the-landscape-hunterBlokYOU-ARE-HEREHanging-on-the-streetBlok Living can be found at 51 Regent Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa. You’ll know you are there, cause the building will tell you.

Okay Stay fancy.

My first fashion week!


Ive always been out of town, or in the wrong town when I get invited to these things so I was super thrilled to be invited by Mercedes Benz Life on the opening night as well as Craig Port and Fabiani for the Saturday night.

I hope you like pictures, cause I took a lot of them.

Opening night was great, and as I’m no expert on womens fashion, I had my friend Sadie there who is, muttering something about hemlines and paneling. I just shot pictures of stuff that made me think “Wow, thats rad”. We only managed to catch 2 shows, the first by Gavin Rajah which I thought was pretty epic and filled with great theatre ( This show has caused a little controversy though and there has been some cries of plagiarism, but you can read more about that here) The second, a very Japanese inspired shoe by Stefania Morland it was a little crazy but loads of fun. Here are some highlights from both of them.

Roll on Saturday night for the two big mens shows I’de been waiting for. The first was Craig Port with a collection inspired by Craig’s recent trip to England where he pays homage to London with “The Great British Summer” collection.

IMG_0891IMG_0925IMG_0905IMG_0926IMG_0908Truth be told, I was a little surprised by this collection. Don’t get me wrong, I think Craig is a great designer and I own lot’s of his stuff, but he really nailed it with this show.

The colours were all very muted, lots of pastels, and a great use of Camo, there was also lots of texture coming through in lightweight knits and some quilting. I’m quite excited to see this collection hit the stores.

No show is complete without a swan song, and once again, Craig Port did not disappoint. The show culminated with a troop of mint green models complete with flower garlands, quite a vibe that, but it worked.

The last show of the night and of Mercedes Benz fashion week 2014 for that matter was the Fabiani menswear show with their Fabinia Cafe theme, I say show but I do mean collection, because unfortunately it wasn’t much of a show.

IMG_1105 IMG_1186IMG_1194IMG_1183IMG_1123

I’ve been thinking long and hard on how to report back on a collection that left me feeling a little “meh” like I had seen it all before. And rather then smile and nod, I’ve decided to be honest, after all, why have an opinion if you’re not gonna have an opinion right?

Now, I’m no fashion expert, so I’de definitely like to start off by saying that. I have no formal fashion training, I just have an eye for it and know what I like, so take everything I say with a cup of salt. There were lots of great pieces in this collection, most of them featured above, but none of them ‘wow’ or different, and I don’t mean different from each other, I just mean different from any collection preceding it. This is fashion week right? So, unless you’re doing something completely radical with your jeans and polo’s, maybe don’t feature them on the runway, because well, they’re EXACTLY the same as last years…maybe just a bigger logo on the popped up collar.

Again, don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the Fabiani stores, I think they’ve showed the importance of tailoring to the common man and still stock some of the most incredible mens shoes you’ll find anywhere in the world, I’m happy to shop there any day of the week. But this was the problem, I felt like I was doing exactly that, shopping, or at the very least browsing a live version of the catalogue.

In the end it was an incredible experience, I loved every moment of it and consider myself incredibly luck to be a part of it, thank you once again to everyone who hosted me.

Okay. Stay fancy.

IMG_7337---smallSo I was lucky enough this year to be sent to the Vodacom Durban July by the main sponsor Vodacom of course. They wanted me to go down and capture some of the fashion and fun so that I could report to you friendly folk. This gonna be a long post, so maybe grab a cup of coffee. Maybe even a sandwich.

The theme for this year was “The Big Screen” and I decided to take a little inspiration from some sartorial stars of the past, namely Mr Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, this dapper duo not only had the moves, but they had the style to go with it. I mean, look at them! Playas!

Of course, I was gonna put my own little twist on this look mostly because I don’t think Gene of Fred ever wore anything slim fit, but like I said, it was inspired, not copied.

The pics you’re about to see are from this amazing young talent in Durban by the name of Simphiwe Simz Kevin Mkhwanazi (or Kevin s I called him) we met up late in the evening and took some pics, he took loads and I wanted to share my favourites with you. I’de really suggest checking this kid out, his pics are amazing and so is his blog

IMG_7353---smallIMG_7347---smallIMG_7324---smallIMG_7322---smallIMG_7283---smallIMG_7299---smallIMG_7275---small  What I loved about these pics is that he captured the essence of the whole “look” I was going for. It’s not often I look at pictures of myself and go, wow, that turned out really nice.

If you like the outfit, this is where everything is from:

Hat by French Connection (Available locally at Stuttafords)

Blazer from Zara

Shirt by TM Lewin (available locally at Edgars)

Tie from LVJ Haberdasher

Tie clip and lapel flower by Suited man

Skinny Chinos by Gap (Available locally at Stuttafords)

Shoes by Dune of London (Available locally at Edgars)

But lets move on with the rest of the fashion I captured at the Vodacom Durban July, now, make no mistake, I don’t have the same photographic skills as young Kevin, so my pics wont be nearly as fancy as the outfits. I walked up and down the whole day and much of what I saw was to be expected with a few exceptions that we’ll get into later.

There was however one group of young gents who took “swagger” (and I dont use that term lightly) to a whole new level. It’s one thing to walk into a store and buy an great suit off the rack, find a fancy tie and a great pair of shoes and…boom, you look great. But, what if you have such vision for how you want to look, that you customise your outfit all the way down to your walking stick! Check these guys out.

IMG_9844IMG_9841IMG_9850IMG_9835IMG_9855 I oftenspeak about attention to detail. These guys have it in droves and were definitely the “best dressed” highlite of the event for me.

Now the Vodacom Durban July differs a little to the J&B Met for me, sure it’s about the horses and putting a couple of Rands on little racer taking 3rd place in the 5th race, but somehow, it feels like that’s all a build up to one massive party. And party they do.

I was lucky enough to be in a section called Boomtown, which is pretty much Jack Daniels heaven (or at least for me) it has a massive stage with awesome local musos and some young kids who look good and just want to party. I snapped loads of great looks, but these guys are the ones who stood out for me, lots of burgundy and wide brimmed hats in the mix…don’t say I didn’t warn you about the hats!

From what I remember I had the best time ever, despite picking all the wrong horses. Wanted to say a massive thank you to Vodacom for affording me the opportunity. Cant wait to go back next year *wink wink – finger guns*

Okay. Stay fancy

PUMA SELECT WEB-30Last night 137 Bree Street, Cape Town was lucky enough to play host to the worlds first Puma Select store and I was lucky enough to be invited. So what is Puma Select ? Basically the store will be showcasing the brands premium product and ranges and it will be here that you will find all the standard collaborations with guys like Alexander McQueen and  Miharayashuhiro but also exclusive one off colaborations with designers like Ronnie Fig and Brooklyn We Go Hard.

I can hear the sneaker heads drooling from here! Yeah, its all pretty awesome!

You know what else was pretty awesome? The actual store! Take a look.

It’s the brainchild of 3D industrial designer Ben Wilson and interior architect Adma Brinkworth and is based on the duo’s love for english workshops and the art of creating. Uh, nailed it guys!! Looks amazing!

The cape town store will open officially on the 6th of March and form part of the First Thursdays initiative. Tonight will be the official launch so there’s some pretty epic stuff going on in the store with discounts and give aways.

Firstly, you can get R500 off R1000 and above by simply telling them I sent you. Well, kinda. Just take a pic of anything in store and tweet/instagram it using my twitter handle @whatmybfwore and @PumaSouthAfrica then finish off with #PumaSelectCT . Boom, thats it. Show it to the man at the register and he’ll give you the discount!

PUMA MEDIA WEB-5You’ll also find these little hashtags lying around, so grab one and tweet or Instagram anything in the store. At the end of the night, you could win it! Pretty simple uh?

The store will have free wi-fi and…wait for it…cold beer when you purchase something in store, yes, that is correct, they will give you beer! What champs!!

If tonight is anything like last night, it should be lots of fun, so pop down if you can.

Okay. Stay fancy.

Photos mostly courtesy of Paul Ward

I was lucky enough to be invited back to the Sunglass Hut tent for this years J&B Met, and I was pretty thrilled to be honest. The met is always such an awesome event and the Sunglass Hut tent is pretty much exactly where you wanna be if you’re going.

Every year there is a theme, something to guide you in dressing up, after all, we’re speaking about a day at the races here, it’s no place for jeans and slip slops. This years theme was “Made to Conquer – Dress Victorious” and yes it’s about as vague as that other thing. But it kinda needs to be, so that you can interpret it any way you want.

I think I kinda took the easy way out, and decided to go a little military inspired. Here was my look in the end.

Full-lengthdetailsMy-shoesAs I was flying solo, these photos were courtesy of my man Trevor Stuurman, who kindly offered to help out when he realised he was pulling off the look better than me anyway. Here he is below.

Trevor-SturmanI really wish I had picked up some more detailed shots of Trevor as this is a perfect example of pattern mixing and looking way more awesome when you wear a hat! Good job buddy.

As was to be expected, there were a few stand out gents in the tent, so I thought I would share them with you guys. Sometimes I wish I could be this brave when I get dressed in the morning, these cats just nail every outfit with confidence.

red-manred-man-detailsskul-loafersblue-man---full-lengthbroochblue-guy---bagblue-man-shoesBeing the Sunglass Hut tent you could be pretty sure that the sunglass swag was out in full force, now, I’m no expert at this stuff, but I did notice a big geometric shape trend going down.

sunglasses-4sunglassessunglasses-3sunglasses-2I dont know about you guys, but I am definitely feeling this last pair, and may need to get something round on my face soon.

Lastly, I wanted to share a little bit of flamboyance with you guys, after all, horse racing is usually about over elaborate headwear correct? I mean, that’s how you can be sure you’re at the races right? I just loved some of these pieces, my favourite though being Malibongwe’s (from Skattie what are you wearing) head chain – is that even what it’s called?headgearfeathershatAnd that’s it folks, it was an epic party and I was super lucky to attend. It’s a good thing the drinks were all on the house as I made some pretty bad horse choices and walked away a poorer man than I arrived. The only sure thing I know about luck, is that it changes.

Okay. Stay fancy.

SummerSo a couple of weeks ago MR Price threw a little summer party for some friends.

I was lucky enough to be invited along and so thought I would share some amazing fashion I spotted on the day, as well as some radical moments. The place was crawling with well dressed gents (and ladies of course) but here were some of my favourites.

tribal-guytribal-CUI loved how this gent managed to nail tribal prints, bringing it home with some beed work, and keeping it dapper with some brogues!

Back-pack-FL Back-pack-MLLoved the effortless style of this Double breasted suit and hipster backpack!

triple-denim triple-denim-CUThis guy just completely nailing triple denim! It’s all about different washes people! This guy knows that! Was also a massive fan of his sunglasses, he just oozed cool the whole day.

cool-guy Mr-cool-shoesOne of the most dapper gents of the day, complete with his two tone brogues.

Outfit-1 Outfit-1-close-upI just loved how unique this whole outfit was with the matching shirt and shorts combo with leather sandals and all black panama hat.

Henry-Holland Henry-Holland-FeetI only managed a sneaky shot of Henry Holland, I’m kinda new at the whole “street fashion photography” thing which is also why I cant give you the names of anyone above. Sorry chaps.

The guys from Mr Price had some pop up stores laid out, showing off there new summer range bang on trend with lot’s of different prints!

MR-P-guys-2 MR-P-guys-CUThe whole event was in celebration of the new Henry Holland collection for Mr Price, where he designed dresses inspired by his two fiends, Kelly Osbourne and Pixy Geldhof (also there on the day), here take a look at the story.

After a little convo with Henry and Pixie up on stage, it was fun times for all. Like this.

Big thanks to Mr Price for a great day.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

_-QKrcKhRWuIcOhzLkqtR7ESCnvYvuX-V4XqXLHVb18I’m a big Ben Sherman fan.

I have been, since i picked up my first Ben Sherman golfer in NY about 7 years ago. At the time I didnt really know the brand, but I remember loving the retro modern vibe it had.

So it comes as no surprise to find out the brand is celebrating it’s 50th birthday, after all it’s been around long enough to inspire everything from the Teddy boys to the skinhead fashion movement and everything in-between.

That’s exactly what you’ll find in the book released in conjunction with the brands anniversary, “50 years of british style culture” . It celebrates a time when fashion was born out of music, politics and culture rather than what was found in our fathers wardrobes.

front cover

Along with the launch of the book is a traveling exhibition of some of the pictures and stories featured within it. What’s even cooler is that for the month of May, this exhibition is being held at Wolves in Johannesburg.

For those of you who have never been to Wolves, you really should of, its only the coolest bar/coffee shop/exhibition space/live music venue around. They also have great cake. Speaking of which…I have cake and 2 cups of coffee for one reader to enjoy together with the exhibition.

Just drop me a comment below and i’ll pick the most hungry. You can also tweet me anything with #LetMeEatCake. Just make sure you’re in JHB over the next 2 weeks will ya.

Okay. Stay Fancy.