Wooster Wednesday


I think Nick’s been in hiding since his resignation from JC penny, week after week my ‘Nick Wooster’ google search either comes up with nothing (new) or nothing I want to share.

Nicks gone casual…no more dapper! Why?Why Nick why?

He even seems to have pulled a bit of a Britney Spears and shaved that iconic Wooster hair off.

This man was (and possibly still remains) my style icon, but I am having a hard time drawing inspiration from him.

This outfit though, or at least the theory behind it seemed worth sharing. I’m not sure about the length or width of the shorts nor the semi dessert boot type shoe, but he is packing a fancy camera bag, and the look is, unique if nothing else.

Oh, by the way, the fact that these pics have been desaturated within an inch of their lives is not my doing, they were all I could find.

Okay. Stay fancy.



wooster-Γ—-cheetah-shoes-smoking-lookbook-cargo-e1369910566104It’s often said that your shoes make your outfit.

This is a prime example of that! Without these amazing leopard dessert boots, this would just be a classic khaki and navy combo by Nick Wooster. Thank goodness he is redeeming himself from last weeks Wooster Wednesday, with that…um…less than favourable choice.

I’m still not sure about those cargo pants Nick loves to wear so much, but, they kinda work here though, they help tone down the outfit and make it more casual.

Our lesson from Nick this week…well, its kinda obvious, don’t neglect those shoes. Make them count…also, make them leather…or real leopard at least.

Here’s how you can recreate this look (leopard boots and all)

Get the Persol sunglasses here

Get similar navy blazer here

Get similar white shirt here (I’ve gone for an oxford – it fits the casualness of the look)

Get similar cargo pants here

Get similar dessert boots hereΒ 

Okay. Stay fancy.

P1150902Been a while since we’ve managed a decent Wooster Wednesday!

Taa daaa!!! This one is awesome! Not just because Nick is wearing Green brogues – Wow – But because it’s a classic Wooster, but with a slightly more colourful approach!

At first glance, it doesn’t kinda work does it…or it does, but it doesn’t feel like it should. Then you look a little closer.

It’s pretty much a testament to the genius of the tartan shirt (plaid for all our American friends), you will see that it picks up on nearly all the colours in Nicks outfit, but also keeps everything with in the same kind of tone intensity. The shoes, are the trick for me with this guy, they just pick up on that green on the shirt, but even if they didn’t they’re still a pure statement piece.

I’m not completely crazy about all the brash branding on the shorts, but I like the concept with the colours. If I was to re create this outfit…or at least this idea, I would go with these items. They’re probably a lot cheaper too.

Blazer available here

Shirt available here

Shorts available here

Bag available here

Shoes available here

Okay. Stay fancy.




bike nickI know this is very very late. It’s more like a Wooster Saturday.

But I did find this earlier in the week, and I really wanted to share it. Nick’s outfit is awesome, sure, and we’ll get in to that a little later. For now, I wanna point out “hipster Nick”, cruising around his bicycle in NYC. Kinda feels like he’s waiting for the Sartorialist to pick him up and shoot him (everyone knows it’s a sure fire way of catching Scott Schumans eye)

This pic is actually off an article I found where Nick talks about riding his bike, here’s a little excerpt:

“as I grew up I immediately shed the idea of a bike because it signaled that you were a kid. I wanted to drive a car. Now, 40 years later, it is more interesting to be driving, riding a beautiful machine. Something that has a history, and gives you a lot more freedom than a car or car service. It’s a beautiful thing to see the world from a little bit higher than the average pedestrian”

Thats very hipster of Nick, but I kinda think he may have been the original hipster…well, after our dad’s of course.

What about Nicks bike riding outfit? It’s awesome. Classic Wooster, a classic look of navy blazer, white shirt and chinos, but of course with all those infamous Nick Wooster details, big bold polka dots on his blazer and that military cuff on his chinos! It really is awesome!

Our Wooster lesson for the week? Hmm…not sure it’s about fashion, just lifestyle really. Maybe that is the lesson, ‘get a lifestyle’. What a weird lesson, but who are we to question.

Okay. Stay Fancy.


nick-wooster-checkerboard-vans-blazer-sitting-580x871So, here’s a new Nick look.

I’m gonna say it’s borderline casual, maybe even borderline normal.

Maybe Nick is taking a bit of a break after his recent departure from JC Penny, and as summer roles around in the Northern Hemisphere Nick is gonna take it a bit more casual.

Well, casual for Nick, he is after all still wearing some seriously cerise pants with that very classic navy and white combination he loves so much. His spectacles are outstanding and that trimmed beard really gets that moustache to pop. Good job!

Personally, im just not sure about the shoes.

nick-wooster-checkerboard-vansI’m all for the classic white plimsole with a pair of chinos on a Sunday afternoon while you kick back, but Ive never been a fan of the checkered Van, it’s a little to skateboardy for me.

Turns out though, this is Nicks most prized possession, at least thats what he told GQ in a recent shoot entitled “The Favourite Clothes of Fashions Most Stylish MEn & Women”

I was a little surprised, until I thought about what my most prized fashion possession is, and I kinda think it’s my cheap monday skull T shirt, I’ve had it for ages, it’s completely out of shape and full of holes, and I just love it more and more.

So, what could our Wooster Wednesday lesson be for the week? I’m not sure there is one. Maybe the lesson is to never stop surprising people with your fashion choices. Is that a lesson? I’m not sure.

Okay. Stay fancy.

nick-wooster-street-style-1I think Nick Wooster must be having the same wardrobe malfunction I’ve been feeling for the last few weeks. The man is nowhere to be seen online.

This is the newest look from Mr Wooster, and dare I say it’s a little tamer than I think we might be used to. Well, it does have some ‘Wooster-esque’ details worth mentioning and so here goes.

nick-wooster-street-style-2He’s hitting the polka dot trend on the money, and I would suggest if you only buy 1 polka dot item this season, make it this one. A navy shirt with white polka dots will never ever let you down, and it may be one of the easiest things to wear long after the trend is gone.

Here’s something new, the giant safety pin. I’m not sure how I feel about that just yet, it kinda feels a little spare without something else. Maybe if it was a make shift tie clip or tie bar or had something hanging off it. Though, who am I to question Nick, I’ll probably be wearing one in a couple of months.

What I do love is this whole ‘casualfication’ (totally a word) of his blazer, by popping the collar and bringing out the lapels, the whole blazer takes on a less structured approach and giving it a more casual feel. I’ll definitely be trying this soon.

nick-wooster-street-style-4White cargo pants?

Sorry Nick, I just cant get with this.

Maybe all his other pants were in the wash.

Either way, a classic navy and white look that keeps us guessing and Nick winning.

Okay. Stay Fancy.




I’m afraid I’m really reaching the end of googles Nick Wooster image library.

Unless some street photographer tracks him down and does an inspiring shoot, this may have to stop being a weekly post.

This is one I’ve been holding on to for a while, I liked the outfit, but wasn’t sure why. But, now I have it. I’ts like the menswear mullet – Formal at the top, party down below.

The lesson for us gents? Well, it’s a simple one really. Don’t think your suit can only ever be worn as a suit, even though popular opinion dictates it. It’s not a completely useless opinion, but it’s mostly meant to prevent you from wearing out 1 item before the other and sitting with half a suit in your wardrobe. I on the other hand believe you should look for a suit that can be worn as its individual elements, sure you’ll ruin your suit, but you’ll definitely get a lot more wear out of it. I did that exact thing 2 fancy fridays ago, not with the same amount of bravery as Nick, but I took a 3 piece and split it in half. It made me happy…maybe next time I should try some ‘statement pants’.

Okay. Stay fancy.