Sartorial Sundays

Full-LengthSartorial Sundays are all about staying fancy while staying casual. You know, a kind of Sunday best meets casual and comfy.

A couple of years ago I wrote a Sartorial Sunday post all about suits and sneakers at the time I thought it was a fad and never really got into it. I think the problem was I just couldn’t find the right sneakers. Well, until now that is.


These are no normal Nike sneakers. In fact, you’ll never find these in any Nike store anywhere in the world really. Quite simply, I designed these myself. Kinda like a WMBW X Nike collaboration, just without all the ensuing royalties.

That’s right people, with the launch of comes our access to Nike ID and with that the loss of multiple hours creating your dream shoes! The moment I told everyone at the office about this, BOOM! the office became a nike design studio. You can design pretty much any shoe, changing virtually every element from the sole to the swoosh and everything in between.

In a world where every store seems to carry the same stuff it’s become pretty tricky to maintain our individuality. We all wanna wear that one unique piece that carries our signature style, or in this case, anything and everything you!


I decided on the Nike Internationalists because of the retro silhouette and low profile but the Air Pegasus were a close second. The trick for me was keeping it neutral, it gives you the versatility to dress it up and down with pretty much anything you want, at some point I was even tempted to go all grey…or all white, or grey and white…I designed about 10 pairs before settling on these guys!

The trick to dressing it up is…as with everything else in fashion, in the details. A little pattern goes a long way in making your look more casual, in this case a lot of pattern went even further. Sneakers generally have a higher rise on your foot than formal shoes, so go for a cropped trouser, and a turn up if you can, you want to create that distinctive separation to show those kicks off! In this case a simple shirt worked best, there was enough pattern going on in the jacket and trousers. Finishing details to give it that dapper edge was a simple linen pocket square and blue lapel flower to tie in with  the trousers.

That’s it folks. If you’re looking for something a little unique I definitely suggest giving Nike ID a try and customising some sneakers. I’ve been back to few times, got my eyes on customising a pair of Lunar Flyknits for the gym. What? No one said you cant stay fancy and fit at the same time.

If you’re liking the rest of the outfit, here’s where you can find it.

Pocket square by Bows N Ties

Blazer by River Island

Shirt by TM Lewin

Pants by River Island

Okay. Stay fancy.


IMG_6280I finally found a hat that I can wear!

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know that I’ve been complaining about not being a hat guy for ages! Or at least not finding one that suits me and my tiny little child head. Then I found this guy, you may remember it from the Tread & Miller post from a couple weeks back. Even though I liked it, I wasn’t sure it suited me. Eventually I decided to practice what I preach. Fashion is all about confidence, and if you wear anything with confidence you can pull it off! So I decided to own the hat rather than letting that hat own me!

It’s pretty bad ass!

I wont dedicate this post entirely to the hat, but more on what to wear your hat with. Sartorial Sundays are usually about a little fashion inspiration for those Sundays that requires a little more dressing up. We’re not going full dandy here, just a detail or two to make your outfit pop.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an e-mail asking “what to wear to a Havana themed party” at the time I responded with lightweight jackets, shirts and trousers, all mismatched and possibly loafers with a hat. Next time I’ll just respond with “this” wear this outfit 🙂


IMG_6326IMG_6283IMG_6389IMG_6342IMG_6432There are a couple of tricks to wearing mismatched items though, the most basic of which is keeping things in the same tonal range where you can. In this case the shirt and jacket. The hat was quite dark, so balancing it off with darker coloured pants helps keep everything together. Now where nothing else really matches you want to make the outfit still feel considered, so I made sure I stuck to the golden rule of matching belt and shoes. The final detail is the pocket square, it has enough green to talk to the hat and the dark tones help pick up on the pants and shoes making sure that the top half of the outfit isn’t just one light block.

I decided to ditch the tie and the lapel flower so that the outfit remains kinda casual, but “fancy” at the same time. Sartorial Sundays are about dressing up so that  you fit in where ever you find yourself. In this case I don’t think I would feel out of place having drinks round the pool bar or a brunch in a 5 star hotel!

If you’re liking this vibe it’s all available here:

Hat by Simon and Mary available at Tread and Miller

Blazer from Topman

Pocket Square from The Tie Bar

Shirt from Tommy Hilfiger (available locally at Stuttafods)

Pants from Ted Baker (available locally at Stuttafods)

Belt from Suit Supply

Shoes from Tread and Miller

Okay. Stay fancy.



garconjon-pitti-4R2A0299asA classic sartorial Sunday piece, all be it on a Thursday afternoon.

This has ‘strolling through the streets of Florence’ written all over it. Just not because one of my fav street fashion photographers (Garcon Jon) captured it in Florence probably while strolling, but more because of its classic european style cues.

Firstly, this young gentleman above seems to portray what the italians call sprezzatura (Italian for “studied nonchalance”), all while wearing fitted trousers and a fitted blazer. It really is the italian way. The colour palette is a little less ‘italian” but certainly very timeless. You can never go wrong pairing khaki and brown or khaki and navy, or in this case both. Brown and blue are often my go to colours (and you see it come through in a lot of my outfits.)

The white shirt and khakis should be a staple in every mans closet, they’re 2 of my 5 “absolute necessities”  The details are quite simple with just a classic white pocket square and the tasselled suede loafers. The loafers of course are the perfect shoes to show off that italian summer sock!

This is the absolute quintessential Sunday brunch outfit – assuming of course the brunch is served with champagne.

As always Sartorial sunday is not only about appreciating street style, but also about making it accessible to you. I usually need to search a couple of online stores to piece the look together. Not this time. I was lucky enough to find it all on Suit Supply – it has definitely become my go to place for classic online menswear.

If you want to go get this look, try these items.

I decided to change the tie up a bit as I’m not a massive fan of knitted ties, I dunno, they never look right to me. I also decided to add some sunglasses and a hat, because any brunch that serves champagne ought to be outside, and you’re gonna need those.

Get the hat here

Get the sunglasses here

Get the blazer here

Get the shirt here

Get the tie here

Get the pocket square here

Get the pants here

Get the shoes here

Okay. Stay fancy.


11314fab1662Web1Sartorial Sunday are all about fashion inspiration, well, they are for me at least.

They’re a way of seeing what the worlds most fashionable do with everyday wardrobe items that Ive never thought of or tried. Sometimes its groundbreaking, and sometimes, it’s so deadly simple it makes you wonder why you’ve never thought of it! The example above (captured by the original street photographer “The Sartorialist” and the reason for the existence of these posts) has nailed simplicity in the most sartorial way.

What could be more classic then navy and white?

Nothing! That was a trick question!

I’ll tell you what I like about it! It gives the appearance of a suit, so it should be formal, but it’s not because the textures and details make it casual, everything from the simple small framed sunglasses to the casual tied, casually worn scarf. This guy wouldn’t look out of place anywhere, you wouldn’t blink twice at him walking out of (or into) a 5 star hotel, neither would you turn and stare if you were to find him scoffing down a whopper at burger king.

To me, that dude is perfectly dressed. Of course, it could just be that epic beard and great hair. But who’s to say?

If you need these staples for your wardrobe, maybe try the stuff below.


logo-adam-titchener-the-sartorial-guide-clarks-garconjon-london-covent-garden-4R2A6292a Sartorial Sunday has never been about perfectly tailored suits and matching your lapel accessories. Rather it’s been about finding some unique style and trying to understand what makes it work. It’s also about some nice ideas for leaving the house well put together on a Sunday morning, regardless of your destination.

In this, another great capture by one of my favourite street style photographers Garcon Jon, we find the perfect blend of formal and casual, or would that be casual and formal, too hard to tell, its so perfectly blended. Like a smoothie.

I love this approach to dressing, where one item (in this case the denim) takes an outfit and turns it on his head. Think about it, if he had completed the 3 piece suit with the missing pants puzzle piece, he could be well on his way to some corporate job in a high rise somewhere, but the denims means he won’t feel out of place sipping on a flatwhite and munching a gluten free brownie at some coffee shop on an idle Sunday afternoon.

Lets take a look at some details.


Now as much as I like this look, I think it can be pushed slightly.

Firstly, i’m not crazy about the shininess of the suiting fabric (personal preference) I prefer something a little more textured in this situation, I also think that it would work better if it was  a little prepped up with a nice stripy tie and then contrasted heavily with some distressed skinny denims with a purposeful turn up. Check out my versions below with links to all the items.

Get navy textured blazer here

Get navy textured vest here

Get white shirt with button contrast detail here

Get preppy stripy tie here

Get distressed jeans here

Get navy polka dot pocket square here

Get brogue boots here

Okay. Stay fancy.



milan-menswear-fashion-week-4R2A8971s.jpg~originalSo, I’ve been getting more casual recently. I’m not sure why, but I guess it’s my way of dressing differently. Things can get pretty boring when you wear a tie everyday, no matter how many lapel flowers you own. Weirdly enough I get such great reactions when people catch me in a T shirt and jeans I’ve been doing it more regularly.

I do struggle though with loosing that gentleman’s edge I love so much, so when I found this pic by Garcon Jon, it gave me some ideas. I loved the mix of very formal pants with an informal roll up and a very casual T-shirt, it just works so well here with the navy colour blocking. The final detail are the loosely strapped double monks, it walks (no pun intended) the very fine line between casual and formal. Nailed it!

I’ve been having some difficulty finding items online to help you build your wardrobes, so I’ve been doing less of that, but I managed to find the key essentials in putting this look together if you like it.

I liked the polka dot detail on the pocket tee over here, seemed to go nicely with the texture of the pants.

Pants by Ted Baker

Pocket Tee From Topman

Shoes available at ASOS 

Okay. Stay fancy…or casual sometimes I guess.


13897900965_2b23b0112a_o 13897896935_1a7217035a_oIsnt it crazy that even the biggest fashion faux pas can be stylishly executed?

I’m not even sure how I stumbled on to Mr Boy’s tumblr site ( I think it was twitter or something) but I’ve been struggling to find something interesting for my Sartorial Sunday posts untill I found this. It’s so simple so classic, and with one minor detail it makes a massive statement.

Yes, I’m talking about the socks. We all know the rules is that your socks should match your pants, but even in my dressiquete post I said that once you know the rule, you can start finding how best to break it. It seems as though Karlmond up here has smashed it and nailed it at the same time.


I’ve always believed that fashion rules are made to be…well…bent, not broken as such. Somethings just dont work, somethings do. There are a lot of rules out there and if we all followed them to the letter we’de all end up looking the same. I cant even tell you what it is about the white socks that just works so well for me, but it’s definitely something I think I need to try.

I must say I really love the simplicity of this outfit. I get so caught up in colours and details I sometimes forget the amazing impact a simple black and white can make. If you wanna put a little something like this together yourself, I’ve got some budget friendly starting points down below – I did choose to go for a Navy parker rather than all black, I kinda feel like it needed a little something different.

Get similar round frame glasses here

Get similar navy parka here

Get similar white button down shirt here

Get similar black textured sweater here

Get similar black washed out chinos here

Get similar black satchel here.

Get similar white textured socks here

Get similar Black Double monks here

Okay. Stay Fancy.