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PortraitMeet The Landscape Hunter, or Thomas, as I know him.

Thomas is your ultimate man’s man. I mean, the guy can grow a beard from one day to the next, he carry’s a really sharp knife and generally only wears black. He also travels to the most remote parts of the world, sleeps in a tent and waits around in the middle of nowhere till the light is just right to take a photo. And it’s none of this digital photography crap you see here, it’s old school vibes, one man, one tripod, and a roll of film. Yeah. Like I said, man stuff.

Up until now, Thomas has been sharing his amazing photographic souvenirs exclusively on Instagram. But finally, after many years of traveling everywhere from Patagonia to Death Valley, he’s having an exhibition of some of his favourite landscapes at blok Living in Sea Point, Cape Town. I was lucky enough to attend the opening night and was really blown away with the body of work.

I decided I really wanted to share the work with you guys, but that maybe it was better that you see it for yourself, so instead, I’ve decided just to wet your appetite.

2-pics-portraitbooksme-backfloor-shotE-&-Wine“My wanderlust was fueled by the inspirational and fantastical landscape photography I’d seen in books and magazines growing up, and these images served as the driving force behind the creation of this collection. Through my travels I have been fortunate to experience many mysterious territories, with minimal planning, and with no companion other than my desire to explore. When cellphone towers disappear, and only the Sun as my guide, I am truly at peace.” – Thomas Ferreira


As usual, seeing it online really doesn’t do it justice. The mere scale of these 3 metre pictures can really only be appreciated in the flesh!

So,wether art is your thing or not, I highly suggest getting down to Blok Living in Sea Point to check out this exhibition. The exhibition is on till the 19th of November where Thomas will be throwing a closing party and allowing a bunch of local artists (including my favourite tattoo artist Manuela Gray) to re interpret his landscapes. If you don’t make the exhibition, definitely get down to the closing party, the artists involved will be working live and everything will be auctioned off at the end of the night.

If you want to contact The Landscape Hunter for a private viewing or walk through you can do it at

the-landscape-hunterBlokYOU-ARE-HEREHanging-on-the-streetBlok Living can be found at 51 Regent Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa. You’ll know you are there, cause the building will tell you.

Okay Stay fancy.

origUnknownConsider this a proverbial tip of that hat to our sponsors at MasterCard for the final Want of the week for the year to thank them for sponsoring these last 8 posts.

Hats seem to be making a massive comeback and I see them popping up all over the place now days. I’m not sure I can do the big giant panama hat, I have too small a head so I prefer smaller classic hats like this trilby. It’s very Justin Timberlake circa 2000.

None the less, this classic trilby never really goes out of style does it? If it was good enough for rain trodden 1920’s american journalists, its good enough for us.

Now, a trilby is not a trilby is a trilby, for me, the trilby is in the details, thats why I like this guy so much, that ribbon around the side and the bow just make it a little more stand outish. It also comes in a slightly lighter grey as per below.


Love those feathers.

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Okay. Stay Fancy.

UnknownUnknown-1A classic want of the week this. An incredibly beautiful, incredibly expensive leather bag.

I’m a bit of a briefcase hoarder, well, I’m actually a bit of bag hoarder if I was to be completely honest. I like big bags and I can not lie. So it kind of feels like there is always room for one more, and there is,or at least there should be.

Like this one. I don’t have anything in green, well, not this particular green, especially not with blue handles, and I’m pretty sure we can agree that is the best part.

So yes, If I had 20K, this bad boy would be being shipped to me right now. Briefcases are a statement people, you gotta be making the right one.

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Okay. Stay fancy.


I’m a simple man, and I like simple thinks. I also just simply want these amazing shoes.

I already own a pair of two tone shoes and I’m surprised how much wear I get out of them, so I kinda feel like I need (WANT) another pair and I kinda feel like these are them. The navy in these will make them even easier to wear as they’ll just go amazingly with a a pair of jeans and because they’re all leather (including the sole) they’re just gonna age beautifully!

Surprisingly though, they’re relatively cheap for a “want of the week” at $79 and all leather its beyond cheap! So if your’e sitting at home thinking its time to ‘Treat Yo Self’ you can go do so here.

Wanna get them for a little less?Course you do! Then make sure you use your MasterCard, and promo code MCSHOP at checkout, yep the cross border promotion is still on so expect deals like free shipping as well as knowing exactly what the landing costs of these dbad boys would be.

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Timex Color Pop Easy Reader Watch, 42mmThis weeks want of the week is special. Yep. Firstly it’s early, but most importantly it’s themed. That’s right folks, black friday is upon us. For those of you who don’t know what black friday is, its the day after Thanksgiving in the United States and seen as the opening of the christmas shopping season and it is synonymous with massive sales and promotions that make americans go crazy, but we’ll be getting to that later – the sales and promotions not the crazy.

Black Friday = Black watches!

That’s the theme.

I said it was themed I didn’t say it was clever.

I’ve been noticing a lot of these 1 colour watches around lately, every brand seems to have there own design, but they all do one. I like it, I like the simplicity that it offers the watch.

Im generally into very small, very simple watches, the less bells and whistles the better, I need to tell the time, maybe the date, but I’m certainly not gonna be running laps or checking up on moon cycles. But, this all black approach means you can have the bells and whistles without the brashness.

I’ve picked a few that I like, and they’re all from Bloomingdales. Above s my favourite and surprisingly – for the want of the week – its also the cheapest. I have a simple Timex indiglo with a green nato strap and I really love it, but this would be that next level up with a fancy leather strap and that great pop of colour on the second hand. Nothing more to it, it’s just that awesome.

Here  are 3 more options on a scale from reasonable, to incredibly reasonable! I told you this want of the week would be different!

Movado BOLD Medium Watch, 36mmMichael Kors Men's Black Watch, 45mmEmporio Armani Luigi Black Watch, 41mm

Get the Timex watch here

Get the Movado watch here

Get the Micheal Kors watch here

Get the Armani watch here

Now the clincher, as South Africans we finally get to take place in that dream shopping day “black Friday”…just without all the in store punching of people in the face. So together with your Mastercard and the promo code MCHOP you will get free standard shipping with your purchase of ZAR 1000 (or more) as part of the cross border promotion. You also get $25 off every $200 you buy for as part of Bloomingdales black Friday promotion.

Why are you still reading this? You should be shopping by now.

Okay. Stay fancy.

Orlebar BrownOrlebar BrownOrlebar BrownAs summer descends on Cape Town (finally) we start heading off to pool and beach parties all over town, well, at least we should if we know whats good for us.

‘What to wear’ starts presenting a whole new set of problems, sure you wanna look good, but you also wanna take a dip if need be and well, look good doing it. The problem is swim shorts have little to no variety, you’re either stuck with the surfer “hey dude” type of board shorts that all the mainstream brands are throwing out or some or other generic floral number that seems to rotate from retailer to retailer as the years go by.

so, I found myself lying at the pool this weekend in one of the above mentioned generic swim shorts wondering what “awesomeness” out there could replace my washed out generics. Then I found these guys. Yesssssss!

They’re designed by ex fashion photographer Orlebar Brown, who decided to design not just a swim short but rather a short you can swim in, perfectly tailored to go from the pool to the street. This collection is inspired by mid-century Miami surfing scenes and it’s that exact look which gets them to stand apart from everything else out there. I was hard pressed to choose just 1 as my want of the week, so thought I would share these other 2 with you.

So how do you go about getting your hands on a pair of these guys? Well the’yre available on as I type this, and at $189 a pair you’re gonna wanna get your fair amount of wear out of them, afetr all  it is just the start of summer. Don’t forget you can leave behind all those pesky international shopping restrictions by purchasing with your MasterCard and making use of the cross-border promotion simply by entering Promo code MCSHOP all the way through till 31st December 2013.

If you fancy any of the above shorts, the featured pair are available here where as the others are available here (left) and here (right), happy shopping people.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

p437958_black_1p437958_black_3velvet slippers embroidered del toro skull bones blackI have wanted a pair of slippers for a while now.

After all, just because you’re lounging around getting ready for bed doesn’t mean you cant be all bad ass about it. It doesn’t mean you cant be dapper about it either. So this weeks want of the week are these amazing Del Torro Shoes Prince Albert embroidered slipper from

Not the reason I’ve always wanted a pair of these slippers, is that they look just as good outside the bedroom as they do inside. You can pair these bad boys up with a pair of dark denims, skinny pants or formal shorts and walk around confidently (and comfortably) knowing you look the part.

Sure, they’re $219 a pair, but this is the want of the week, its all about treating yourself. So treat yourself to a pair of velvet leather lined slippers, in either ‘Bad ass black” (not the official name) or this rad green or purple pair.

So now you’ve decided you cant live without these guys, I feel you, I’m having the same problem, thats when Mastercard steps in with it’s Cross-border promotion. Firstly you’ll get free shipping with these guys, you’ll also know exactly what the landing cost are with duties and all the rest of it, yeah, I know it’s pretty sweet. All you need to do is use coupon code MCSHOP when checking out with any Mastercard. Don’t forget, it’s not just at you can check out all the retailers here, and I’ll of course be keeping my eyes out for some more want of the week stuff over till the end of the promotion on the  31st December 2013.

Okay. Stay fancy.