Nothing says “I’m climbing this corporate ladder all the way to the top ” like walking into work with a shiny new leather briefcase.

I believe strongly in dressing for the job you want and not the job you have and your briefcase is as good a starting point as ever! Your briefcase should not only be an extension of your style but it should tell people that when it come to business, you mean business –  Whatever that business may be. So take a look at your current briefcase. Does it tell the world what you want it to? No? Don’t worry I’ve got you.

Nothing goes with that real leather smell better than the smell of opportunity! And opportunity is knocking pretty hard right about now. I’ve teamed up with the folks at Korchmar to bring you a give-away that pretty much guarantee’s you that promotion – ok I cant actually guarantee that but I can guarantee you’ll look like you deserve a promotion.


Every Korchmar bag is handcrafted using top quality leather, solid brass hardware, canvas that is infused with wax for added strength and durability and premium twill lining. Your Korchmar bag should basically last you a lifetime. These guys have been making leather bags for 100 years now. Yes, literally 100 years. In fact, it’s their birthday and they’re giving you a present. That’s right, your choice of any Korchmar briefcase to the value of $600.

Here are the entry details folks:

  1. Make sure you’re following @Korchmarbags on Instagram.
  2. Leave a comment on this post or my Instagram post telling us which bag you would like to win from the Korchmar briefcase range – Something simple like ” I really want to win the Garfield briefcase from @Korchmarbags”

It’s pretty much that simple but just in case, check below for the T&C’s

  1. Competition opens on the 27th of February 2017 and closes on the 05th of March 2017.
  2.  Competition is only open to residents of the United States of America.
  3. All above steps must be completed for your entry to be counted.
  4. Winner will be chosen using and announced on the week of the 27th of February 2017.
  5. Winner will be contacted vial mail (if entered on the blog) or direct message if entered on Instagram.

Okay. Stay fancy and good luck.


Watches, you can never have too many right?

That’s why I keep giving them away! I realise that much like everything else you put on that day, your watch needs to feel like the perfect accessory to your outfit. It needs to convey the same mood and attitude you have put into the rest of your look. Nothing looks worse than a gentleman dressed to the nine’s sporting a…well, sports watch.

So, the kind folks at James McCabe have not offered 1 watch up for grabs, but rather your choice of £600 (about $800 or €700) in watches off their site. This way, you can make sure you cover the full extent of watches you may require for every look. If you win, I suggest getting at least one of these new Heritage Automatic pieces – As you can see on the pics below, the detailing and quality is exceptional!


The heritage of these watches dates back to Ireland in the late 1700’s with a long lineage of watchmakers producing over 50 000 watches, one of those a pocket watch purchased by George washington himself in 1973. True Story.

You luckily don’t need to be a dead president in order to get your hands on a James McCabe watch. You need only follow a few easy steps to stand in line to win a whole bunch of these guys. So here goes:

  1. If you aren’t already following @mccabewatches on Instagram, go do that first! It’s a pretty bad ass account.
  2. Simply tag a friend in my Win £600 in McCabe Watches post and you’re good to go.

Yeah. It really is that simple.

The competition will run from 02/08/16 to 07/08/16 and the winner will be chosen via and announced on the week of 08/08/16 via Instagram.

Good luck and Stay Fancy.


The friendly folks at Brathwait think that you guys deserve a watch. See, friendly right?

Now, I don’t think the guys at Brathwait are friendly just because they want to give you a watch, but I think they’re friendly because of their philosophy. Simply put, they’re all about transparency, and i’m not talking the saphire glass covering the watch face, I’m talking about pricing transparency. When you visit their site, they literally break down the cost of every piece of the watch, from the quartz movement inside to the leather strap outside. It’s quite novel, and really nice to know exactly what you’re paying for – or in this case, possibly winning.

So what do I love about this classic slim wrist watch? Well, because it really feels like quality. The leather strap is substantial and well tanned giving it just the right amount of variation in colour. The sapphire glass is slightly curved giving it a luxury feel. My favourite thing though, is the butterfly clasp on the back, I’m not even sure why, but it’s a great detail that adds to the luxury feel.


Right. So you wanna win the watch? Of course you do.

As usual I try to make it as easy as I can. This is extra easy, I’m talking 2 step easy.

  1. Go and give Brathwait a follow on Instagarm, you know, to say thank you.
  2. Tag 2 people who you think would like this watch on the competition post uploaded on my Instagram.

Like I said, easy. Just watch out for the T&C’s below.

• Competition will run from 16/06/16 for a week till 23/06/16.

• Winner will be drawn using and announced by 27/06/16

• Both step 1 and 2 above need to be completed to qualify 

• Competition open to anyone in the world and your prize will be shipped to you.

That’s it.

Good luck and stay fancy.




This is probably one of the most awesome give away’s Ive ever done.

Here’s why. Not only do you guys get to pick your prize (rather than me picking it for you) but with €777 (almost $900) in store credit from Cortese watches, you’re gonna end up picking up 2 or 3 different watches.

My recommendation is that you definitely go for the one I’m wearing, the Savoia C11111 Chronograph with it’s stainless steel body and thick tan leather strap, it is the perfect dress watch that can can transcend the casual barrier. There is just enough chronograph detail to make the watch interesting but not so much that you feel you need to have a pilots licence to figure out what all the buttons and dials are for. The tan strap means it literally goes with everything – don’t ask me why, it’s just the beauty of tan I guess!


Cortese is all about expressing the many sides of a gentleman, and their watch collection does just that, giving you a chance to pick out something for every occasion you may find your gentlemanly self in!

If I was to make the choice, I would definitely pick up the Dinastia Chronograph (ith that sweet vintage looking nato type strap) for those super casual days. To counter balance that I would go for the Singalore watch to use at the most formal of events – the single watch hand is a guaranteed conversation starter.

Right, so I know what you’re thinking! “gimme, gimme, gimme”

Winning, as always is easy, but it’s a big prize so it’s gonna need some work:

1: Follow the kind prize givers over at @cortesewatches on Instagram

2: Leave a message below on this blog post or on the ‘win €777 worth of Cortese watches’ post on  Instagram with the watches you would spend the money on. Something simple like… “I would spend my €777 on the Singalore C12504 and the Nautilo C18505”

That’s it folks. We’ll draw a name from the entrants on the blog or on Instagram and check it against the new followers for Cortese Watches. The competition is open to anyone in the world and will run from 12 April 2016 and close on the 18th April 2016 with a winner being announced before 22 April 2016.

Good luck and stay fancy.


IMG_6804‘Tis the season of giving right? So how about a hand crafted leather messenger and premium timepiece to start your festive season off just right?

The kind folks at Freedom Of Movement have put up these 2 incredible prizes for one lucky WMBW reader in celebration of their newly released time pieces. But we’ll get to those details a little later. For now let’s relish in the beauty of them.

IMG_6616IMG_6722IMG_6888Personally I’ve been a long time fan of Freedom Of Movement. I saw their stuff for the first time at a local design exhibition and fell in love with the hand crafted leather goods created by this team of two brothers out of Stellenbosch. It wasn’t long before I got my hands on one of their Bobby bags as my day to day backpack before adding the Ted and the Jim for traveling.

As with all things leather, they just look better with age. Their methods are based on the traditional principles of leather craftsmanship, blended with modern techniques to ensure a quality that can only be achieved by true artisans. Not bad for a Chartered Accountant and Civil Engineer right? Fiercely passionate about our beloved South Africa, they resolved to boost the local economy through job creation and skill empowerment – I just love that!

IMG_6680IMG_6821IMG_6874IMG_6905So how can you win these 2 beautifully crafted products? As usual I like to keep things simple.

  1. Go follow Freedom of Movement @FOMBrand on nstagram
  2. Simply tag someone you think would love to share the prize in my competition post on Instagram and include the hashtag #WMBWWin (so that I can track the entries)

That’s it, you’re in the draw. Simple right?

Okay okay, you know I always like giving you guys a second chance via twitter, so if you want a second entry simply tweet “I want to win this watch and bag with @fombrand and @whatmybfwore” with any of the above pictures including the watch and bag. BOOM! That’s your second entry for a pretty rad early christmas present.

Here are the T&C’s

  1. Competition opens on Thursday the 17th December and closes on midnight Monday the 21st December.
  2. Winner will be announced on Tuesday the 22nd of December.
  3. Competition is open to anyone anywhere in the world.
  4. Your prize will be shipped to you.
  5. All above criteria must be met to qualify for an entry.
  6. Winners have 1 week to claim the prize from date of notification.

That’s it folks. Good luck.

Okay. Stay fancy.

standing-1Some outfits can stop you dead in your tracks. Sometimes, its a stop street. Sometimes it’s the sun in your eyes.

In this case it was the outfit.

Suit Supply landed in South Africa about 2 years ago via online orders with the unique proposition of covering all import duties and taxes, that may not seem a big deal for my international readers but for those of us here on the tip of Africa paying 40% a pop, its a pretty big deal. They then opened a store in Hyde Park Joburg, no, not the mall, but instead in a mansion up the road, you see Suit supply doesn’t have traditional stores on high streets and in shopping centres, but instead spaces that offer experiences for there customers.

Yes, when they told me that I only half bought it too, till I actually managed to visit there Johannesburg store recently and was blown away with the space, layout and service. I was there to pick out an outfit, the outfit above! The outfit that you could be wearing in no time!

Lets take another look!

standing-2Picking one outfit from the collection is impossible. Trust me, I was there for 4 hours and in the end left empty handed deciding instead to pick my items online and build an outfit there.

Having had a look at my Instagaram feed lately I also realised that I own a multitude of grey, black and brown blazers but no colour. So bam! Red blazer it was.Then it became a question of pants. Yes, I decided, I definitely needed pants and as I have very few textured or patterned pants I decided on a pair of woollen trousers with a fine houndstooth pattern. The shirt was easy, its gingham, I mean, you really cant go wrong with a gingham shirt especially not in brown and especially not when pairing it with red. The accessories were the hardest, their selection of ties is incredible with such interesting fabrics and textures that it’s almost impossible to choose just 1. Eventually, I ended up choosing the pocket square that went best with the jacket and chose a tie to match (more details on pocket square rules here) Lastly, it was shoes and belt (yes, they should match) and with my new found lover for tassled loafers I decided an a nice chocalatey brown to bring out the browns in the pants and shirt.

And here you have it.


Right, competition time!

Again right? I know, I spoil you guys!

This outfit is worth over R12 000 ($1000) so winning it will be a little more difficult and it includes everything you see except the sunglasses. In fact, let me break it down for you.

This jacket

These pants

These shoes

This shirt

This tie

This pocket square

This belt

Okay, so thats your package!

Delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

How do you enter?

Firstly, you need to be following Suit Supply on Instagram

Second (and that will be it) you need to repost the below image tagging Suit Supply and What My Boyfriend Wore with the #WMBWWin

When I “like” or “favourite” your post that means I’ve sen it and you’re in the draw.

That’s it folks. Trust me, you wanna win this competition.

For a second entry I’m gonna let you tweet the pic with “I really want to win this entire  outfit from  –  “


Here are the terms and conditions:

• Competition open to anyone anywhere in the world

• Competition opens Wednesday 08/07/2015 and closes on Tuesday 14/07/15

• Winner will be drawn via random draw and announced on the morning of 15/07/2015

• All above criteria must be fulfilled for your entry to qualify.

• Your prize will be delivered to the address you provide.

Okay gents, good luck and stay fancy.



Full-LengthBelieve it or not, sometimes (sometimes a lot) I go casual. In fact I get a lot of requests for ideas on casual looks and I suppose we cant be fancy everyday can we?

YES. Yes we can that was a trick question.

Though, I’m not. And quite simple somedays you just feel like throwing on some old jeans and a jumper and heading out the house. This was one of those days. There’s also nothing quite like walking around town with some music in your ears, so I took my new A-Audio headphones for a spin – so to speak. You’re gonna want to keep reading, because at the end of this post I’m gonna tell you how you can win a set of these incredible bluetooth headphones.

Now just because we’re casual, doesn’t mean that we don’t pay attention to details. We always pay attention to details, so in this case I decided to pick up on the peach in the shoes with a little peach pocket square. It’s a small thing, but I do think it’s the small things that count. Nothing new here.

Lets take a look at those details then.

earphoneswalkingsneakersFor those of you looking to find any of the above:

Sunglasses by RayBan

Blazer from Gap (available locally at Stuttafords)

Pocket square by Heywood 1922

Jumper by Ted Baker (available locally at Stuttafords)

Headphones by A-Audio

Backpack by Freedom Of Movement

Jeans by Gap (available locally at Stuttafords)

Sneakers by Puma x BWGH

Okay! Happy?

Great. Lets get your head squeezed in-between a set of A-Audio headphones then shall we?

Go ahead take a closer look.

Earphones-close-upEarphones-close-up-4Earphones-close-up-2Earphones-close-up-3Ok, so I recently went on a little trip to Johannesburg, sure it’s only a 2 hour flight but travelling in general is not my favourite thing, so any distraction is a good one. This was the perfect excuse to really put these headphones to the test so I left my ‘ol faithful’s’ at home and packed these instead.

Immediately off the bat they were way more convenient, sure my other headphones fold up, but these folded up flat so they took up way less space in my onboard luggage even in the carry case (way better than the little faux leather pouch ‘protecting’ my old ones). The real kicker for me was the fact that they were wireless, see nothing is more annoying than getting tangled up while switching between boarding passes and devices – I know this sounds pretty lame, but it was a real issue for me! Every time I threw my backpack on the headphone chord would pull out! Yes yes…#FirstWorldProblems I know, but still. The second winner was the noise cancelation, not only handy at blocking out the annoying sounds of an airport with super duper audio quality, but also handy at blocking out the engines on the aeroplane as they explode sending you plummeting to your death. I’m not a happy flyer.

Despite the 12 hour battery life the package comes complete with a power bank so you should really never run out of power, unless of course you’re doing like a 28 hour power walk in which case you should probably get different headphones so as not to ruin the plush leather detailing.

So, you want all this then do you?

Here’s how to enter.

We’re gonna try something new this time and run the whole thing via Instagram in hopes of keeping it simple as always. Dont worry I’ll still give you all additional entries via Facebook and Twitter as per normal.

Go visit A-Audio Headphones on Instagram (maybe give them a like for being so generous) then simply repost any image of the headphones on their feed that you like. Any one. Now tag the image with @AAudioHeadphones and leave a comment with the hashtag #WMBWWin – so that I can track them.

Voila! Youre in!

Oh yes, Facebook and Twitter. Lets make it fun!!

Facebook – Post the the first song youre gonna play on your new headphones to Facebook and tag A Audio Headphones and of course What My Boyfriend Wore

Twitter – Tweet “I’m gonna rock this (Song link here) on my new @AAudioHeadphone with @WhatMyBFWore

Thats it folks, if you do all 3 you have 3 entries for the draw.

Here are the T&C’s

1 – Competition opens 01/07/2015 and closes 08/07/2015

2 – The winner will be drawn and announced on 10/07/2015 via

3 – Competition open to anyone in the world and your prize will be shipped to you

4 – All requirements for each category must be completed to count as an entry

5 – The Instagram entry must first be completed before entering via Facebook or Twitter

That should be it folks.

Good luck and stay fancy.