nc_chapscopu190915_049-1nc_chapscopu190915_052Our friends Barry and Natelee have recently moved to Dubai.

Now normally we’re not overly jealous about 40°C (104 °F) heat and beers that cost more than a decent pair of shoes. That was until she shared this new post on her blog and I let out a sad little noise somewhere between a whine and a wail! Now, I don’t want to give too much away because it’s her blogpost and her incredible photography, but I did think I’de give you guys a taste.

If you live in Dubai or are planning on visiting anytime soon, I would definitely go and get a trim at this place. Maybe even pick out a bike while you sip on your coffee.

Better make it an iced coffee, it’s still 40°C out!

nc_chapscopu190915_044nc_chapscopu190915_018nc_chapscopu190915_061nc_chapscopu190915_046nc_chapscopu190915_081nc_chapscopu190915_073nc_chapscopu190915_019Okay! That’s enough.

Go check out the full post here for all of the awesome and a full write up.

This has possibly reinvigorated my cafe racer dream…hmmmm – good thing i’ve just had a haircut or I would definitely be booking a ticket!

Okay. Stay Fancy.

Bureaux_House_Ines_16I’ve decided to share something a little different with you today. Something a little more personal. My home!

My apartment was recently featured in our local edition of the Sunday Times Newspaper, and I have to say I was really proud of myself. Being a creative person by nature (and career) I really put a lot of pride into everything I do from a creative standpoint, and my home is no different. It had long been my dream to own my own little place in Cape Town, long before I moved down here and about a year and a half ago I made the best impulse purchase of my life and put an offer in on a tiny 1 bedroom apartment in the heart of the CDB.

The only problem was, it looked like this downstairs:

And like this upstairs:

Now, make no mistake, I had seen worse. Much worse.

But this was the first place I walked into and ideas just came flooding in. The space (all be it 78 metres squared) had potential, it was as badly laid out as it was fitted out. BUT! It had potential, well, that and I could walk to my favourite bar.

So I started the agonising journey of finding a builder or contractor willing to take on the project. I wont bore you with all of the details – because there are many of them and I’m sure all you want is to see the after shots – but I basically had 2 months from when the transfer took place and I needed to move in. To add to that I had ideas bigger than my budget would allow, which is generally my case with most things in life. I believe the saying is “Champagne tastes and money for beer”

So, every weekend, I went out and searched for tiles, and taps, and sinks, and toilets and tiles and taps and sinks and toilets and tiles and taps. Yeah, it felt like that sometimes. But when you undertake something like this, you only really get one chance, so when your budget is low your legwork is high.

I also had no architect, again, budget, so I drew up all my own floor plans, and kitchen plans and layout and designed a bed and a wardrobe, every single detail of every single corner down to the millimetre – something I would later learn to regret. I was then lucky enough to be referred to my builder by someone at the office (and if you’re looking for a builder please mail me this one was GREAT!) who turned out to be both my voice of reason and the biggest supporter of my vision. Nothing was impossible, and everything that everyone else said could not be done was done and then some.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it sounds very much like it was a smooth process. It wasn’t, It wasn’t even a bumpy one it was an outright off-road adventure with no suspension. For those who know me, I can be a little…um…particular, maybe even pedantic and often (fine, VERY often) there is only 1 right way of doing things in my mind, and thats the right way, so despite time and money constraints I pushed and pushed on every little aspect, because much like getting dressed, everything comes down to the details, and when you miss those, you miss the mark.

At this point, i’de like to give a little shoutout to my buddy Vito Da Silva, this guy took out so much time from his weekends to come and point out every mistake and then help me fix them. He helped me put my kitchen together – because of course, with no budget you cant pay people to do that – he helped me carry things around, install things lift thing cut things and even swear at things, and I can never be grateful enough.

In the end, it’s never quite done, I don’t think any home is. But I’m proud to say it came a long way from where it was.

Here’s the new downstairs:


Bureaux_House_Ines_20Bureaux_House_Ines_21Bureaux_House_Ines_23I’ve tried to go for a very clean and neutral palette, with white walls and grey concrete floors. I have a lot of colourful ‘things’ so it was the best way to not create a house that looked like a christmas tree. My furniture is also all from different era’s with some super retro stuff and some ultra modern stuff, so the neutral space helps everything work together.

Clean lines, glass, concrete and wood! That was my plan and I stuck to it! Rather than having fancy screeded floors, I went with the same floors they use in a warehouse and because I needed a lot of custom built joinery I just went with a simple pine plywood hoping that the repetition would help join the different areas of the apartment, it was also the cheapest option. It really is just like putting your outfit together, you’re trying to match everything you put on but without making it match right?

I really wanted the upstairs area to feel like a little boutique hotel, I mean, if you only have 1 room and really cramped quarters you gotta make it as nice as you can right? I also had a serious storage issue up there and knowing full well that my wardrobe alone is enough to fill up wardrobe space for 2, building storage in every usable space was the most important thing. I managed to design a bed with storage everywhere, in front, underneath and even on top, it’s come in super handy and really helped keep the space clean.

Bureaux_House_Ines_28Bureaux_House_Ines_26Bureaux_House_Ines_30Bureaux_House_Ines_31Bureaux_House_Ines_32Bureaux_House_Ines_33I also did everything I could to source all the design elements from local designers, with exception of the bedside lamps that I had to bring in from the United states. There really are too many products to mention where it’s all from but if there is anything you really like and wanna get your hands on leave me a comment below and i’ll try steer you in the right direction.

A home is never quite finished and it feels like its sometimes an ever evolving thing, Elzaan and I are constantly finding new little odds and ends to add to our little home, it’s tricky because we’re quickly running out of wall space and display space so it forces us to be 100% sure it’s something we love.

And that’s about it folks, just thought I would share this little bit of my life with you. I must however make one thing clear here, all the above images are property of The Bureaux and they have full usage rights so please contact them if you maybe need one or 2.

Okay. Stay fancy.

Im African, and Im damn proud of it.

Why do I say African and not just South African, I mean the Germans and Spanish don’t refer to themselves a Europeans so why do we refer to ourselves as Africans? Well, quite simply put, this is a harsh continent, it ain’t for the faint of heart, opportunities here are few and when one of us makes it, we all feel proud!

Thats why Im so proud of this guy.

tumblr_nnau36B7cZ1sjp2lpo1_1280He calls himself Loux The Vintage Guru – so, no I didn’t make it up – and this auditor by day tailor by night is a man who believes the world has a lot to learn from Africa when it comes to fashion. I couldn’t agree more Loux.

But here, watch this and see what Im talking about.

I happen to stumble upon that clip in my Facebook feed, and it brought a massive smile to my face! A weird sense of pride in Loux for going beyond his circumstances, or better yet, embracing his circumstances to put his mark on the world. See, clothing markets through out Africa are not meant to be vintage and cool, but rather the disregarded gear that no one else wants so you really need to have a sense of style if you’re gonna build a wardrobe out of that pile lying on the dusty floor.

Seems like Loux isn’t short of style.

Once again proof, thats it has nothing to do with how much you spend on your wardrobe or what fancy name is sewn into the inside of your jacket. When your clothes fit you properly and you wear them with confidence great things happen.

Okay. Stay fancy.

DSCN5250 The other day I received an e-mail from the secret running society inviting me on a run, I was told to meet at the Table Mountain Cable car at 8:00am on Saturday morning. That was it.

Now look, I know most of you think i’m all bow ties and pocket squares 100% of the time, but there’s at least 5% of me that’s jock, sure it may only be 5% but that 5% is 110% jock. So I enjoy a spot of exercise and the truth is I’m quite an avid runner and like to think I’ve upped my cross fit game a little thanks to Roark gyms. So I was very excited to see what the secret running society had up their sleeves. So, when I met Raoul at 8:00 am, this is what happened.

DSCN5234DSCN5254DSCN5285DSCN5258DSCN5267DSCN5290So, what is this?

Ill tell you what it’s not. It’s not a run for ants that’s for sure. This was a run atop one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, Table Mountain. Being mostly a road runner myself (bleep bleep) the trail run was super challenging, but the views more than made up for it and the experience was epic.

So where is the next secret running society run I hear you ask? Well, that would kinda defy the secret part now wouldn’t it.

Here’s how you can get involved, either sign up at to be kept up to speed, or use the hashtag #SecretRunningSociety when you snap pics of your epic run. Raoul will find you, and if he decides to invite you on a run, you can even look forward to some exclusive secret running society swag. I walked away with this pair of limited edition SRS Faas 300 running shoes.

shoes-against-wallShoe-front-deatilinside-of-shoeback-of-shoes I dont usually go crazy about functional sneakers, sure I want them to look good, life’s to short to ever look dodgy right? But these guys are just too…dope (for lack of a better word) the splatter down the side is 3M reflective ink and no 2 shoes are the same as everyone is individually done. Fancy uh? Best of all, you can never buy these shoes and they will never be available in store, they will only ever be a gift from the secret running society, so you better get cracking and start hash-tagging those runs yo!

Okay. Stay fancy, but also, stay active.



I usually don’t do blog posts like this, you know, the kinda blog posts that tell stories about my adventures, but this one was too good not to share, so here goes.

A couple of weeks ago I received a very mysterious call from the guys at Smirnoff. They wanted to take me out for the night, “show me a good time” they said, “tick off some bucket list stuff”.

Naturally I told them I’m not a fan of doing awesome fun stuff, so please never to call again!

Ok, that’s not how it went at all, but the mysterious call part was totally true! I just said YES!!! Before they had even asked! And I’m kinda glad I did. Here’s why:

That little video gives you an idea about my crazy night with some amazing people, but here’s what really went down, and listen closely, cause you could find yourself on one of these trips.

They arrived at my apartment in an “explore the night” branded black cab, now bare in mind, I literally had no clue on what was going on, so I just went with it! When I jumped into the cab I was happy to see my friend Siv Ngesi (A fellow top 10 finalist in last years GQ best dressed) and Tecla Ciolfi or Texx from the famous music blog Texx and the city (I’d always wanted to meet her). We high fived in nervous anticipation and hit the road.

Our first stop was a bar called orphanage, where we had our own little corner with loads of snacks and loads of Smirnoff Double black with guarana. We tucked in. YUM!

Then another cab arrived, filled with even more friends for the night, Craig Stack from the lifestyle blog My City By Night, TV Personality Katlego Maboe from the expresso show and fellow fashion blogger Carlinn Meyer from superficial girls. Now it was a party.

We chatted and filled up on snacks, then hopped back in our Explore the night cabs, with no idea where we were going. Of course the video has given it away, but when we arrived at Cape Town international Execujet, we knew this night had just ramped up pretty hard, and all got lost in a flurry of high fives, fist bumps and girly screams, yes, all of us!

Now, bare in mind, even when we took off, we had no idea where we were headed, there was talk of Durban and Joburg, though I was holding thumbs for Barcelona – they have the best shoes there! Anyway, we landed in JHB and got straight into another Explore the night cab, still no idea where we were going!

Then Craig said “hold on!!” at which point we thought maybe he needed the toilet, turns out he didn’t…cause he continued with “Isn’t Armin van Buuren playing in Joburg tonight?” He was right, and thats exactly where we were headed! WOW!

We arrived at the Concert and were escorted through so many level of VIP I lost track of how many V’s we actually had in our area! The view of the show was epic, and I could describe it to you, but instead, I thought I would share some pics we all took on the night so you can get a little vibe of how everyone saw the experience!

Now, I’m more of a rock kid myself, but I was absolutely mesmerised by this guys stage show, it truly was the most epic thing I had ever seen.

As always, all good things must come to an end, so we headed back to our Explore the night cab, back to our private jet and back home to Cape Town. All grinning from ear to ear.

I eventually got into bed at 5:30am. What an epic night, thank you Smirnoff.

If you guys wanna find out how you could find yourself exploring the night with Smirnoff Double Black with Guarana, check it out here.

Okay. Stay Fancy.


So, I’ve been apprehensive about sharing this series of interviews I did recently with news 24, mostly because everything I say, you guys would already know from reading the blog, but also, because, well, I’m no public speaker. Sure I can match the hell out of my ties and pocket squares, but public speaking will never be my thing.

If however you wanna know a little more about how what my boyfriend wore started and why I do the things I do, or you just feel like a chuckle, then take a look below.

Okay. Stay fancy.

Whenever I feel like I need a fashion kick up the pants I go and find a little ABC of mens fashion for some inspiration. Always does the trick.

This one features ex style editor of Harpers & Queens Mr Peter York telling us why the suit was such a good invention. He makes a good point too you know.

“Fashion affects, absolutely everything” It’s true you know, it defines everything from entire decades to simple moments in time. Clever guy this Peter York.

Okay. Stay fancy.