Today was gonna be a comfy day and like most days I started off deciding there was 1 thing I was going to wear, and then build an outfit around that. Today it was my fav pair of jeans. But more on that later. I had no big serious meetings and with the weather changing it’s getting difficult to wear so many layers.

Here are the details of this outfit

Cardigan and tie from H&M

Shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch

Shoes from a little store in Lisbon

Socks from Rugby by Ralph Lauren 

Pants by Wrangler

Skinny jeans are tricky things. They’re either not skinny, or they’re too skinny, or you need to skip a bond repayment to afford them. I was after a pair of raw denim type jeans for a while and have made the mistake of buying “kinda” what I wanted. Then I found these guys at stuttafords, weirdly enough I was hoping to pick some up on a recent trip to Texas (something about wrangler that makes me think cowboy) but never saw any – jeans, not cowboys. Anyway I just loved the details on this guy, the orange stitching, the rope detail on the button, the embossed leather patch on the back pocket and mostly the gingham lined pockets (how cool?) Favourite thing? The price! when I bought them about 2 months ago, they were just over R500. Where do you get real jeans for R500 now days.

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