It gets hard wearing ties in summer. Especially with the heat Johannesburg has been seeing lately. No reason to not dress up though, it’s just that dressing up takes on a different form. As you may know by now I start off each morning deciding on i thing i’m gonna wear, today was that pocket square I picked up last night while “getting the post”, but more on that later.

Here are the details of this outfit

Blazer from Zara

T Shirt and chinos from Topman

Boat shoes from  Massimo Dutti

Pocket square from Markham

2 thoughts on “Chinos and a pocket square

    1. Wow!

      Thank you so much! That’s just awesome!! I can’t believe the response. I only started it 2 weeks ago. It’s so exciting. I’de appreciate any feedback you think would make it better!

      Thanks again. Im flattered.

      Okay. Stay Fancy!

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