With life returning to normal we’ve decided to reinstate #FancyFriday.

There’s just something awesome about dressing up, for no reason and some of our instagram followers seem to agree.

Today I was going with preppy, and nothing says preppy like some khaki chinos and wingtips. To that just add some blue and red (cant EVER go wrong pairing blue and red) and boom. Fanciness.

The details of this outfit are the following:

Grey bow tie and checked shirt from H&M

V neck jersey From Woolworths

Blazer and Wingtips from Zara

Polka dot pocket square (actually a neckerchief) from Asos

Tan belt from Paul Smith

Khaki skinny chinos from Topman

Okay. For this weeks winners.

Taking it for the gents is @mrupgradeu with the perfect amount of matching details. The clincher for us, the socks! Nice bravery shown in matching your pale yellow bow tie to your socks. Niiiice!

And then, because, you cant ignore this level of mini dapperness. We awarded the title of #JnrFancyFriday to @jaydenmarine. I don’t know many men who dress this well, seriously, this kid is amazing! If you’re on Instagram and like saying things like “ooooh my goooood cuuuute” then follow this little guy, it’s his collection of outfits. Amazing.The rest of the entrants are all below. Some really great stuff. Have to give ‘props’ (hope I’m using that edgy street term correctly) to @chhengster and those purple wingtips! Love them.

Would love to see some more ladies enter next week. Girls can be fancy too you know!

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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