Denim? Good.

Gingham? Good.

Suede? Good.

I really enjoyed this outfit. It fits slap bang in with my modern day gentleman kinda style. The denim bow tie is lot’s of fun because it takes it something you associate with mega formal and makes it the most casual thing ever. The micro gingham in purple makes it a little more pastel and combined with its complimentary colour in the green brings a little bit of harmony. The brown belt? Well that comes out of nowhere, but there is a purple rope in the weave that’s difficult to see on the picture, but talks nicely to the shirt. Finally the blue suede shoes, hey, if theyre good enough for the king of rock’n’roll, I’m certainly gonna give them a bash.

The details of the outfit are as follows:

Purple gingham button down Sacor

Levis denim bow tie Heywood1922

Brown platted belt Massimo Dutti

Green skinny chinos Cotton On

Blue Suede shoes Zara

Okay. Stay fancy.

One thought on “Denim bow tie and blue suede shoes

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