IMG_6110I’ve been wanting a lapel flower for a while.

Well, i’ve been seeing them popping up on fashion blogs and the like for a while…so, i’ve been wanting one since, but they are nowhere to be found. Will probably hit our shores sometime next year, when they’ve all changed again.

So I had a brain wave…well, what If I just used a ladies earing? So, I did. Found these guys at Mr Price and just, used them differently.

The rest of the look was all about making that bright lapel flower pop, without isolating it, so as you can see, I did a sneaky job of tying it into the yellow on the tie, it was subtle, but it was enough

The details of the outfit are the following:

Burgundy blazer from Markham

Yellow Lapel flower (Earing) from Mr Price

White oxford button down from Mr Price

Skinny plaid tie from Mr Price (about 5 years old)

Raw blue denim jeans from Levis

Blue oxfords from boutique store in Barcelona

Okay. Stay fancy.


6 thoughts on “Burgandy and Yellow

  1. Your clothes have a perfect fit and excellent tailoring. I love the pop of yellow on the blazer as well!

  2. Ladies earrings… WOW.

    I was literally speechless for almost a full minute while that processed! Just when I think Men’s style can’t get any fresher, bang! Gents like yourself are truly inspirational.

    Now if you don’t mind, I’ll be applying that ingenuity to my next outfit! Peace!

  3. I love the outfit!

    Lanvin has been making lapel flowers for a while now and you should definitely look into them if you want something really luxurious. If you are looking at the lower price ranges, however, knowing that you like both coloured dress shoe laces and now lapel flowers, an up-and-coming brand called Hook and Albert is making both of these (link below) in many, and I mean many, different colours.

    Thanks again!

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