IMG_6175Pink. Its not for everybody.

But it can be pretty awesome if you wear it right.

Lets start with the dont’s of pink. Don’t wear pink of you have a fair complexion, it is better suited to those who have a darker skin tone. Don’t overdo the pink, it is wonderfull as an accent but there is a fine line between enough pink and too much pink. Pink shirt, good. Pink suit, bad. Lastly, pink is not very slimming, so stick to smaller accents if you dont wanna appear short and stocky.

As far as the “do’s” of pink go, well, just make sure you don’t do the dont’s. But do wear pink proudly and maybe with purple and blue.

The details of this outfit are as follows:

Donald bow tie by Heywood 1922

Pink oxford shirt From Mr Price

Black belt by Diesel Style Lab

Purple skinny chinos by Cotton On

Shoes from Socrati


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