Lets all salute Mr Wooster on this wooster wednesday.

After all he’s once again teaching us a very valuable style lesson, or at least a fashion history lesson. When all else fails, go military.

We all know that women love a man in uniform, but this shouldn’t mean having to put your life at risk to attract that perfect mate. Most of mens fashion can be traced back to the military anyway, Khakis, T shirts, Pea Coats, even those aviator sunglasses Mr Wooster has on up there. Fashion designers merely take something that was designed as functional and tip their hats to it.

So, when you’re stuck with what to wear, just ask yourself “what would Joe do?” Gi Joe, that is.

Okay. Stay Fancy.



4 thoughts on “Wooster Wednesdays #10

      1. It’s probably only the second or third time I’ve seen it in photographs, never in person. I have to get over the “ties end at the buckle” rule. I also believe here in Virginia, it would not be accepted and i would be looked at like I’m an alien haha

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