full shotTime to bust out a T shirt for the folks over at the GQ Personal Style Diary.

Gotta show a different side of fanciness.

Really all I wanted to do was show off my new hobby of taking earrings and re fashioning them into lapel pins. I found soma amazing skull ones this weekend, the gold one I’m wearing is in it’s original form, but I’m doing a bit of arts and crafts to the other to make it different.

Nothing else to this outfit other than keeping, the right details so that you don’t look schizophrenic with formal and casual, the laces helped tie it up.

The details are as follows

Burgundy blazer from Markham

Skull T shirt by Cheap Monday

Raw skinny jeans by Levis

detailsSkull lapel pin is a refashioned earring from Lovisa

Floral pocket square from ASOS (no longer available)

shoes 2Blue oxford shoes by Vermont (bought in Barcelona)

Burgundy laces by Paul Smith

Okay. Stay fancy.




3 thoughts on “Skulls & burgundy – GQ Style Diary Day 4

  1. Hey. I check out your blog and Instagram page pretty much every day, and think all of your stuff is awesome. On your note of using ear rings as lapel pins, I just had to make sure you’ve heard of youareprettyhandsome. They make some really nice lapel pins, and are worth checking out if you haven’t already. If not for making a purchase, then perhaps for some inspiration to make one yourself if you’re really crafty (I could see a smaller skull like the one you’re sporting getting refashioned into a “dia de Los muertos” style pin). Here are their pages for anyone interested: blog.youareprettyhandsome.com

    They can also be found on Instagram @youareprettyhandsome.


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