I do love me a pair of wingtips.

I’ve been wearing my Zara ones to death and I thought they could use some company.

I spotted these guys at stuttafords the other day, but the price tag was a little too hefty for my budget, so I decided to wait for the post christmas sale and hope they had my size. Needless to say christmas came early when stuttafords tweeted the entire store was 20% off, I had also just finished writing the menswear 101 – brogue post and had wingtips on the brain.

Sure I had a dinner arrangement on that night, but it could wait, there were Ted Baker brogues that had to be bought…and those of you who know me, know I’m very fashion first. That is to say…fashion comes first, even before dinner.

full shot

brogue detail

I can go months without purchasing anything new for my wardrobe, but when I see something that is absolutely me, well, it’s a matter of however long it takes me to convince myself I can’t do without them. And I’m glad I did, this may be the finest pair of shoes I own. You will see on the pictures below how they are just riddles with detail, not to mention the amazing blue black colouring.

inside detailIve always said don’t buy cheap shoes. This is why. These guys are leather everything, including leather soles and a beautiful leather interior. Sure no one gets to see the inside of your shoe, except you, but thats kind of the point, it’s something to make you feel that little more fancy.

underneathClearly I’ve already worn them (couldn’t wait), but when they came brand spanking new out the box, it was with this awesome little fish engraving on the bottom sole. They also come with a pair of bright blue waxed laces, so that you can mix it up a little, however my favourite detail is another one you cant see, and that’s that every lace hole is reinforced on the inside with a blind eyelet, meaning that over time the holes wont widen and make your shoes look all cheap.

It really is about the details isnt it?

These exact shoes also come in a classic tan, chocolate brown and a redish pink!

Okay. Stay fancy.

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