Jacket closedParty like a rock star.

I’ve always loved the misuse of a tuxedo jacket. Such a formal item being paired with the most casual of all fashion items the T shirt. The whole thing just says ‘I’m here to party!’ And, I kinda was, with the silly season upon us it’s one drink party after the next. This kinda combo should make me appropriately dressed for all my meetings and drinks affairs.
Jacket openThe details of the outfit are as follows:

Tuxedo jacket from Markham

Desmond and the Tutu’s Tee from Wolves Cafe

Destroyed skinny grey jeans from Zara

IMG_7884Pocket square from ASOS

ShoesBlack oxford blind brogues from Socrati

Blue laces by 1901 at Nordstrom

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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