tumblr_mel4oonQFP1rrpm57o6_1280First Wooster Wednesday of the year.

And it’s quite a tricky one. See, I like to think that Wooster’s outfit choices teach us something (and they always have) but this one, is a little tricky.

So the advice I dispense, may feel a little shoe-horned right now, but it’s good advice none the less.

Fear not the pattern mix, In my experience if the variation between patterns is large enough – so mixing fine patterns with bold patterns – and / or the tonal range is the same, then it works. Nick is sporting a nice combo here of tartan, pinstripe and even some herringbone thrown in.

Texture, especially in winter is paramount, it’s also functional as it keeps you warm, I just love the texture of Mr Woosters tie here, and how it works so well with the suit. Get your selfs a textured tie.

As a bonus, im including 2 arty pics of Mr Wooster in this same outfit.

Pleasure ladies…and of course…certain gentlemen.

tumblr_mel4oonQFP1rrpm57o3_1280tumblr_mel4oonQFP1rrpm57o1_1280Okay. Stay Fancy.


6 thoughts on “Wooster Wednesday #12

  1. Great article ! I really like your blog, discovered it via instagram last night, and i can’t help but check all your photos and posts, very inspiring and helpful. I think Mr. Wooster should be an inspiration to all of us, style-wise, as both his work and his outfits are truly special and awesome. Have a wonderful day, both of you make a great team, for sure. Keep the posts coming.

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