Nick-Wooster-946-532-1This may be unlucky number 13.

Firstly, this Wooster Wednesday post is a day late. Sorry (I’ve been super busy at work and at home).

Secondly, we may very well be running out of Wooster pics and I may not be able to do it on a weekly basis. None the less here’s today’s and a bonus, it comes with details.

Details-Collage-2_0And what can we learn from Mr Woosters outfit? Besides the fact that those orange pants totally make his outfit! Well, it’s how he can get away with wearing those orange pants. Nick’s using the ol ‘complimentary colours’ trick, for those of you who don’t know, it’s the colours opposite one another on the colour wheel. If you want more detailed explanation here’s wikepedia.

Basically complimentary colours are just that, they compliment one another, they look good together, like bacon and eggs…but in a different way. So when you’re wanting to step out and be brave with a look by adding some serious colour, go complimentary.

I do like Nick’s surprise pink belt though, clever, cause the orange makes the pink less harsh. Nice!

Okay. Stay fancy.



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