Full-LengthI’ve decided we need to start making more of an effort with the outfits we upload on the blog.

So, whenever possible, we’ll be doing proper pics with some nice details.

I had 2 things I wanted to wear today, that coral blazer that’s been sitting in my closet for 3 weeks and my new Skull & Crossbows lapel pin. I basically had to make the yellow work by catching it with details in the tie and on my laces.

But here are at the details of the whole outfit.

Navy skinny Chinos from Topman

Tan belt by Paul Smith

Medium-LengthCoral blazer from Zara

White oxford shirt from Mr Price

Tartan tie from Mr Price

close-up-lapelYellow & Grey Skull&Crossbows lapel pin handmade by WMBW

ShoesTan Wingtips from Zara

Yellow shoelaces by 1901 (available at Nordstrom)

Okay. Stay Fancy.

5 thoughts on “#Fancy Friday in coral & navy with skull & crossbows

  1. Im always intrigued by the knot of your shoelaces. Could you possibly write a post on different shoelace knots?

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