nickelson-wooster-blue-on-blue-tie-shirt-street-fashionHere’s the Man Mr Wooster being a total bad ass, smoking, tattoos, animal print.

Ok, not sure about the animal print, but something tells me, we’re all gonna be wearing it sooner than we think!

Nicks outfit, as always is awesome. I’m not gonna go as far as saying it’s spectacular. But it’s cool.

What I want to dedicate this weeks Wooster Wednesday to, is what’s inside Nicks pants. Or his pockets at least (it’s not that kind of blog)

tumblr_ltytkuDcHF1qmwrnuo1_1280Lemme break it down for you, top to bottom and left to right (and yes, this really is Nick’s stuff):

Bergdorf Goodman Alligator Card Wallet



Came lights

Eclipse Spearmint Gum


Business Cards

iPhone 4

Hotel Keys

Listerine strips

Bic lighters

Parabellum Bison Wallet

Banana Boat Aloe Vera with Vitamin E Sunscreen Lip Balm

Vintage British Navy Diving Watch from the 70’s w/ Leffot Cordovan Strap

So? What have we learnt about Nick Wooster this week? Besides the fact that he’s a bad ass. Well, it’s safe to say he has deep pockets, his breath always smells minty fresh, and he’s never gonna come ask you for a light.

The ultimate lesson? Be prepared…you know, like a boy scout.

Okay. Stay Fancy!






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