redflwrFinally on time with a sartorial sunday post.

I also thought rather than work back from the new stuff to the old stuff, I would do it the other way round, you know, when Scott still had the time to find proper street fashion, rather than being flown around from fashion week to fashion show.

This gentleman above has the most perfect outfit in fact Scott titled it “I Should give up now”. Though he didn’t , as this pictured dates back to 2008. Yep, it’s 5 years old and wouldn’t look out of place in any menswear tumblr today. It ask predates the fashion blogger craze and street style star, so this gentleman, is the real deal!

Everything is cut perfectly, from his jersey to the lining up of fabric pattern at his shoulder. No detail is spared!! I tip my hat to you sir.

Wonder what this guy’s wearing today?

Okay, stay fancy.

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