Nick-Wooster I’ve been sitting on this image of a Nick for a while now.

But I wasn’t quite sure what I liked about it, or what I wanted to say. Then today, I found the below image and it kinda all fell into place.

Nick-WoosterFirstly I love the matching blazer and waistcoat paired with non matching pants. In this case those tweedish type pants make this little get up a texture extravaganza that works amazingly.

But it was more than that, and this close up made me realise what. We’re always looking to Nick for a little tip or silent advice right? Right! This time, I think it comes in the form of details.

We tend to think the details that make our outfit are loading it up with accessories, a lapel flower, pocket square, tie clip, laces etc etc. And often, it is. Don’t get me wrong I’m a big fan of that kind of detailing, evident by my outfits.

But look at the details on this outfit of Nicks, the rounded collars and that weird cut out in the waistcoat that adds an element of layering. Those are details too, just, built in details.

So maybe that’s our lesson, and here’s some home work. The next time you go out shopping, look for that item with a little something different, something that doesn’t need you to accessories it to make it unique.

Okay. Stay fancy.


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