11012Lino_4091WebSo I’m late with this again.

Busy weekend. Sorry.

So, this is one of the sartorialists favourite subjects. A gentleman called Lino leluzzi, he’s regarded as the ‘grandfather of style’ and owner of Milanese haberdashery Al Bazar. Kinda feels like he’s Italy’s answer to Nick Wooster (though I’m pretty sure he was around before Nick.)

Either way it’s no surprise to see why, the man has style beyond.

I’m not sure if its that beautiful double breasted trench or the extra wide cuff in his trousers, but everything is just classic tailoring and very dapper. And those monk strap shoes? Are you kidding me, with one buckle undone all casual like…bello sguardo sig Ieluzzi aspetto molto bello’

I’ve thrown in a few more pics of this well dressed gent as an apology for being late with this. Enjoy.

Okay. Stay Fancy.



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