Full-lengthSo, this isn’t a normal Fancy Friday.

It’s the one that kicks off a little Levis 501 competition I’m entering.

Basically Levi’s 501’s are 140 years old. Wowsers. So they’re running this global campaign allowing people to show their own interpretation of the 501. I’m 1 of 10 guys here in South Africa who’s gonna be competing for well, votes I guess, from you guys (but I’ll let you know when it’s time to rally)

The details of the outfit are as follows:

Grey 501 pants by Levis


Purple gingham shirt by Sacoor Brothers

Purple tartan tie by LVJ Haberdasher

Coral blazer from Zara

Skull lapel pin (refashioned earrings) from Loviso

Brown derby shoe by Zara

Purple laces from Paul Smith

Okay. Stay Fancy.




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