A tie is a small article of clothing, but its importance is not reflected by its size.

This may be the most genius line I’ve ever read.

It’s also the reason that Loft trading makes such incredible ties, because, well, it’s important right?

Tie-full-shottie-close-upI’ve been having a little secret crush on my tartan ties lately, I just find that no matter how busy they are they seem to be easy to pair up with something in your closet, and the bolder the pattern the easier they are to wear.

The guys at loft make every tie by hand in Belfast using Madras Cotton, Chambray, Irish Linen and Donegal Wool and they really are quite remarkable.

But they dont stop at ties. Thankfully.

Pocket-squares pocket-squares-close-upThey have an amazing collection pocket squares, bandanas and scarves each named after a different Belfast street.

I picked the Clarence street and Exchange place collections to mix and match with one another the tie and 2 pocket square above with this killer scarf below.

scarf scarf-close-upThe guys at Loft not only very generously offered me these items, but they’ve also offered my readers a 10% discount code. Yep! Nice guys uh?

If you see anything at Loft Trading that you like, and that wont be very hard, simply enter the discount code WMBW10 for your discount at checkout.

Okay. Stay fancy.





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