110811Prince_2290WebThere’s a lot I like about this outfit.

At first glance, it’s kinda classic, very London gentleman.

That preppy tie, the tasselled moccasins. Perfect. But of course, it’s the details that always bring these together, I love how he’s made it a 3 piece suit, but the vest is from a different suit completely, yet it works perfectly. Lastly, and OF COURSE…the socks! Not only does that green stand out (and blend in) beautifully, but that extra pop of bright green on the heel is my ultimate.

Wanna put something like this together? Try the links below.

Blue skinny fit suit – similar here

Blue striped shirt – similar here

Preppy striped tie – similar here

Brown vest – similar hereΒ (Couldnt find the exact brown but this one would work great)

Green socks – similar here (minus the contrasting heel)

Oxblood tasselled moccasins – similar here

Okay. Stay fancy.


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