P1150902Been a while since we’ve managed a decent Wooster Wednesday!

Taa daaa!!! This one is awesome! Not just because Nick is wearing Green brogues – Wow – But because it’s a classic Wooster, but with a slightly more colourful approach!

At first glance, it doesn’t kinda work does it…or it does, but it doesn’t feel like it should. Then you look a little closer.

It’s pretty much a testament to the genius of the tartan shirt (plaid for all our American friends), you will see that it picks up on nearly all the colours in Nicks outfit, but also keeps everything with in the same kind of tone intensity. The shoes, are the trick for me with this guy, they just pick up on that green on the shirt, but even if they didn’t they’re still a pure statement piece.

I’m not completely crazy about all the brash branding on the shorts, but I like the concept with the colours. If I was to re create this outfit…or at least this idea, I would go with these items. They’re probably a lot cheaper too.

Blazer available here

Shirt available here

Shorts available here

Bag available here

Shoes available here

Okay. Stay fancy.




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