So, I’m running out of good sartorial looks from out friend Scott Schuman at the Sartorialist. He seems to be favouring the female form and I’m just not getting great stuff to share with you guys.

So, I’ve had to broaden the net with regards to picking my sartorial sunday inspiration, after all there are loads of street fashion photographers out there.

For this post, Ive turned to Dapper Lou. Check this out.


A lot of people think I’m brave in the way I dress. It’s all relative I guess.

But man I wish I was brave enough for this look. It’s incredible.

When would you get up and go, hmm, i’m gonna wear my peach blazer, wiiiiiith…my mustard pants! And then actually put it on and make it work. I cant even start to explain why or how it works. I do think he knew when to stop though, and that’s pretty much the trick isn’t it? He didn’t add an avocado tie or red briefcase, he pulled it all together with the black! What a smart trick.

I just absolutely love this look.


I’m gonna attempt to help you guys put something like this together, so here goes.

Get similar hat here

Get similar blazer here

Get similar shirt here

Get similar pocket square here

Get similar tie clip here

Get similar tie here

Get similar pants here

Get similar bag here

Get similar shoes here 


I think that’s about as close as you gonna get.

Okay.Stay fancy.

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