3 thoughts on “Shiny shoes

  1. Any idea where to get proper shoecare products locally? Specifically beeswax shoe polish, mink oil renovator (or equivalent), cream polish & horse haor welt brush? I’ve seen these products at the UK based Shoe Snob, but we cannot get service from eBay here in South Africa.

    1. Wow!

      I’m totally stumped with all of those.

      I know in JHB there was a specialist shoe care store in Sandton, but I don’t know of the equivalent in CT i’m afraid (assuming thats where you are based)

    2. Justin (the gent in the video) IS actually the shoe snob! I know that McCullough and Bothwell in Hyde Park (JHB) stock horse hair brushes and Loake shoe cream, not sure about Cape Town though.

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