Street_Gents_Monsieur_La_Touche_New_Oxford_Street_London2Allo allo allo governer. (said in best british accent)

Another great capture by Dapper Lou (I’m thinking he spent some time in London).

This for me is the classic London gentleman but with an incredible modern dapper edge. Everything is so perfectly tailored and fitted, maybe too fitted hence the phone bulge in the right hand pocket. But any man who matches his bowler hat to his suit deserves forgiveness for his phone bulge.


I like the faint pattern in the suit, it kinda helps keep it contemporary and interesting, so in trying to re create this look, ive gone for a little bolder pattern, something a little more on trend…something floral. Trust me. The rest is all here as well priced and similar as I could find:

Get similar hat here (a blue one just doesnt seem to exsist online – but I think black works)

Get similar jacket here

Get similar pants here

Get similar waistcoat here

Get similar tie here

Get similar shirt here

Get similar pocket square here

Get similar shoes here 

Get similar bag here

Get similar umbrella here

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