us_fw13_fs_mrtw_8_002_web_look_zoominSo, whilst doing a little bit of internet dreaming, I stumbled on this outfit!

Waaaaant! I said…in my head!

And so we have this completely unattainable Want Of The Week – an entire head to toe Gucci outfit! I’m afarid there is no amount of tweeting or FaceBook likes that will get you to win this here…though its worth giving it a shot I think : )

Why do I want it? Well, mainly its that tweed blazer. Its the real deal isnt it? It makes that outfit!


The rest of it is just amazingly put together. It just reeks of designer fashion, but strangely enough in a very wearable way. See, I’m not a massive designer clothing fan, mostly because I cant afford any of it, but also because its usually so over branded and so same same.

This is something else, there isnt a giant G or red and green stripe in sight, so I just love it.

Here are some more details:

Amazing uh?!

It’s kinda close to pay day, so if you’re feeling flush, or are expecting a large amount of cash anytime soon you can get the above items in these links.

Get the scarlet tweed duke jacket here

Get the dark grey wool blend cardigan here

Get the  bordeaux leather carry-on duffle bag here

Get the stretch flannel belted riding pant here

Get the black leather lace-up military boot here

Okay. Stay fancy.


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