models-and-sockspin-cushionvan-&-mattSo, I was lucky enough to be invited to take a sneak peak at what Fabiani would be showcasing at this weekends Mercedes Benz Fashion week in Cape Town.


I thought I would walk into a room filled with clothes everywhere, shoes being thrown from one side to the other and people shouting orders over the phone. I was wrong.

According to Nat Iqani at Fabiani I had just missed the mayhem by a couple of days. Fair enough, the show is on Saturday after all so what was I thinking…I guess I watch too many movies.

clothing-railcontrast-broguesbook-&-BeltThe first thing I thought when I walked in the room was “Damn, I should of brought a back pack!” There were the most exquisite shoes all along the wall and rails and rails of sealed suit bags. It’s all quite secretive and Nat was a little hesitant to divulge too much.

I did however get a few things out of him.

The theme is very nautically inspired, kind of “I just stepped off a yacht somewhere in Europe” with lot’s of shorts and blues coming through.

Here’s a small taste.

A little double breasted number worn over a T-Shirt with some pocket detail and some tan shorts, I picked up the tasselled loafers off the floor because I desperately want a pair and I thought they would look great here.

This was my favourite look that Matt shared with me, I’m a massive fan of wearing shorts with a suit jacket, it’s very Nick Wooster. I’m also a big fan of a tuxedo jacket worn outside of a full tuxedo, so the mix and match here is so awesome. Once again I picked up a pair of shoes that I would wear this with. I  just LOVED these red brogues with the little striped tab detail poking out the back.

The final number was this white linen shorts suit! Like Nat said, lots of shorts coming through, makes sense I guess with summer on the way and theme being “stepping off a yacht”. This was paired up with a blue floral shirt, and I decided I would wear this with a pair of monk strap shoes. I love seeing some monk straps semi ties with a pair of shorts, it’s avery european look. I think this outfit could even use a nice straw trilby hat.

So that was it, I couldn’t squeeze anymore out of the guys at Fabiani, most of the stuff had been sent out for alteration in preparation for the big night on Saturday.

If you’re interested, go take a look at the rest of the collection being showcased at 21h00 at the Cape Town Convention Centre, from what I understand there is a massive after party to follow.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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