GQ_BestDressed-2013-COVERYou guys have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to break this news to you.

A couple of months ago I recieved a call from GQ South Africa’s Creative Fashion Director and GQ Style Editor Arthur Malan-Murison, telling me I had been selected as 1 of the 50 finalists in this year’s GQ Best Dressed Men competition. You can imagine my reaction – ” I’m telling EVERYONE!”

Unfortunately, it was all to be kept quite hush ’til the November issue launched where they revealed the top 10. In the meantime we would be shot for the magazine in the event that we made it through.

This past Monday I was flown up to Johannesburg to attend the launch of the November issue and reveal of the top 10. Gulp. Not only did I make the top 10, but I placed number 2. Wow!

Take a look at a little behind the scenes action from the shoot featuring the top 10.

And of course, here are the results (all photography by Richard Keppel-Smith):

No-1-Abey-MokgwatsaneAt number 1 – Abey Mokgwatsane – CEO of Ogilvy

No-2-Sergio-InesAt number 2 – Yours truly

No-3-Lungile-RaduAt number 3 – Lungile Radu – Actor, Producer & Director

No-4-Brr-RodgersAt number 4 – Brr Rodgers – Producer & Model

No-5-Lunga-ShabalalaAt number 5 – Lunga Shabalala – TV Presenter

No-6-Mayihlome-TshweteAt number 6 – Mayihlome Tshwete – Spokesperson for Public Enterprise Minister Malusi Gigaba

No-7-Nicholas-ChristowitzAt number 7 – Nicholas Christowitz – Graphic designer and co-owner of Father coffee

No-8-Khuli-ChanaAt number 8 – Khuli Chana – Musician

No-9---Van-Lee-JohnsonAt number 9 – Van-Lee Johnson – Brand Manager at Markham

No-10-Siv-NgesiAt number 10 – Siv Ngesi – Comedian


We all got asked a couple of questions that appeared in the magazine, so I thought I would share my interview with you guys.

Have you always been a fashion guy? Yeah. I worked for Edgars when I was at school, so I was exposed to fashion at an early age and it became imperative to me to dress well.

What’s the most important thing a man should have in his wardrobe? Leather shoes. Essential. A pair of formal, classic shoes is the cornerstone of any man’s wardrobe.

The most important trend to follow is…Ignoring all the trends and developing your own unique look.

If you could leave one thing for your son to inherit, what would it be? I stole a rich brown leather belt out of my father’s cupboard when I was in my early teens. He’d bought the belt when he came to South Africa in the ’70s and it would be nice to see it span three generations – or more.

Which trend best sums up your style and why? Dapper Dandy. It resonates with me – I feel great in formal, beautifully cut clothing and accessories. Blazers, ties, bow ties, pocket squares and lapel flowers – all of it. Sartorial details excite me.

The biggest mistake men make when it comes to fashion is…They tend to buy clothes that simply don’t fit them properly. Bigger is not always better.

You’re a man who knows his accessories – what’s your advice on that extra touch? When wearing accessories, know where to stop. Although having said that, I don’t always follow my own advice, the lapel flower is my current favourite.

If you were a piece of clothing, what would you be? A pair of wingtip brogues. Without a doubt. They are complex and filled with detail.

You’re quite the collector of fashion aren’t you? I’m always collecting items. Does it have to be just one? I have two full tie racks and am still adding to them. Name it, I collect it.

What is your go-to fragrance? Commes des Garcons. I find it unique and often get complements when wearing it.

What’s your take on the big-beard trend? Absolutely love it. It makes me very jealous that I cannot grow a beard at 35.

Here are some interview bites from the other contestants, but if you want the details you’re gonna need to get your hands on the November issue of GQ.

These gents are all stand up guys with incredible style and every one of them could have nabbed the number 1 spot, either way, I feel honoured to be placed amongst them.

Where to from you here? No seriously!? This was as big as I could dream this blog would take me, “started at the bottom now we’re here” kinda big. It’s all a bit crazy.

Either way, I’ll keep trying to bring you menswear inspiration and education as often as I can.

Okay. Stay fancy.

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  1. Congatulations! It was much deserved, you have an amazing style and an eye for detail! Proud of you 😉

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