Orlebar BrownOrlebar BrownOrlebar BrownAs summer descends on Cape Town (finally) we start heading off to pool and beach parties all over town, well, at least we should if we know whats good for us.

‘What to wear’ starts presenting a whole new set of problems, sure you wanna look good, but you also wanna take a dip if need be and well, look good doing it. The problem is swim shorts have little to no variety, you’re either stuck with the surfer “hey dude” type of board shorts that all the mainstream brands are throwing out or some or other generic floral number that seems to rotate from retailer to retailer as the years go by.

so, I found myself lying at the pool this weekend in one of the above mentioned generic swim shorts wondering what “awesomeness” out there could replace my washed out generics. Then I found these guys. Yesssssss!

They’re designed by ex fashion photographer Orlebar Brown, who decided to design not just a swim short but rather a short you can swim in, perfectly tailored to go from the pool to the street. This collection is inspired by mid-century Miami surfing scenes and it’s that exact look which gets them to stand apart from everything else out there. I was hard pressed to choose just 1 as my want of the week, so thought I would share these other 2 with you.

So how do you go about getting your hands on a pair of these guys? Well the’yre available on gilt.com as I type this, and at $189 a pair you’re gonna wanna get your fair amount of wear out of them, afetr all  it is just the start of summer. Don’t forget you can leave behind all those pesky international shopping restrictions by purchasing with your MasterCard and making use of the cross-border promotion simply by entering Promo code MCSHOP all the way through till 31st December 2013.

If you fancy any of the above shorts, the featured pair are available here where as the others are available here (left) and here (right), happy shopping people.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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