Timex Color Pop Easy Reader Watch, 42mmThis weeks want of the week is special. Yep. Firstly it’s early, but most importantly it’s themed. That’s right folks, black friday is upon us. For those of you who don’t know what black friday is, its the day after Thanksgiving in the United States and seen as the opening of the christmas shopping season and it is synonymous with massive sales and promotions that make americans go crazy, but we’ll be getting to that later – the sales and promotions not the crazy.

Black Friday = Black watches!

That’s the theme.

I said it was themed I didn’t say it was clever.

I’ve been noticing a lot of these 1 colour watches around lately, every brand seems to have there own design, but they all do one. I like it, I like the simplicity that it offers the watch.

Im generally into very small, very simple watches, the less bells and whistles the better, I need to tell the time, maybe the date, but I’m certainly not gonna be running laps or checking up on moon cycles. But, this all black approach means you can have the bells and whistles without the brashness.

I’ve picked a few that I like, and they’re all from Bloomingdales. Above s my favourite and surprisingly – for the want of the week – its also the cheapest. I have a simple Timex indiglo with a green nato strap and I really love it, but this would be that next level up with a fancy leather strap and that great pop of colour on the second hand. Nothing more to it, it’s just that awesome.

Here  are 3 more options on a scale from reasonable, to incredibly reasonable! I told you this want of the week would be different!

Movado BOLD Medium Watch, 36mmMichael Kors Men's Black Watch, 45mmEmporio Armani Luigi Black Watch, 41mm

Get the Timex watch here

Get the Movado watch here

Get the Micheal Kors watch here

Get the Armani watch here

Now the clincher, as South Africans we finally get to take place in that dream shopping day “black Friday”…just without all the in store punching of people in the face. So together with your Mastercard and the promo code MCHOP you will get free standard shipping with your purchase of ZAR 1000 (or more) as part of the cross border promotion. You also get $25 off every $200 you buy for as part of Bloomingdales black Friday promotion.

Why are you still reading this? You should be shopping by now.

Okay. Stay fancy.

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