ZaraJacketIMG_0301.jpg~originalAnother late Sartorial Sunday, another amazing outfit!

This, another capture from my favourite street fashion photographer Garcon Jon is another perfect example of less is more. A nice monochromatic number that nails it! with complete simplicity.

I’m yet to get my hands on a Double Breasted jacket, they never seem quite right when I try them on in stores, but then I see something like this and it’s just so rad.

There’s not even much to the details of this outfit, it just works in it’s simplicity, none the less let’s take a look.


So, you should have most of this in your closet already (well all except the DB of course) so you should be inspired, as I am to put something like this together. I have sourced some stuff online to re create this look, but in the spirit of our Want Of The Week I’ve gone all premium with this guy!

Hey It’s christmas, treat yo self!

Get a similar double breasted blazer here

Get a white button down shirt here

Get a slim black tie here

Get a white pocket square here

Get skinny black jeans here

Get double monks strap shoes here

Okay. Stay fancy.

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