IMG_1969s.jpg~originalYes, so, I’m all over the place with my Sartorial Sundays on a Wednesday I know. But I’ve taken such a long break (too long a break in fact) that I just need to start somewhere.

Also, this is too good a look not to share and comment on. It’s once again by my current favourite street fashion photographer Garcon Jon and it’s one capture from a series done with the Sartorial 7. Man these gents have swag in all the right places. Take a look.

So why this gentleman in particular? Well, I just loved the simplicity of the look. Ive always said that if you only get one suit it should be navy, and this is why! It’s timeless, its elegant and it goes with pretty much anything. Also, when in doubt, go with a white shirt, that means you can really go to town on your tie and it should work with whatever else you have on.

There are 2 things that make this look, well, 3 really, maybe 4! The hat! Man I have got to get me a hat, ok, first I have got to get me a head and face for hats but then a hat straight after! It’s just a whole new world of dapper. That green tie pop is also spectacular and he lets it pop, no distracting with a pocket square or lapel flower it’s all about the pop pop pop of that emerald tie, in stark contrast, though complimentary is that very orange umbrella, it’s bright enough to make a statement, but I love how the shoes help ground it!

Nothing you leave the house with is not part of your outfit! Nothing!

Ok, so if you love any or all of these pieces, here’s a starting point for recreating the look. At the very least, get the tie…green is gonna be massive! I think!

Orange 2 tone umbrella available here

Black wide brim trilby from available here

Navy blue suit available here

White long sleeved shirt available here

Emerald green tie by available here

Brown tasselled loafers available here.

Okay. Stay fancy.

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