I was lucky enough to be invited back to the Sunglass Hut tent for this years J&B Met, and I was pretty thrilled to be honest. The met is always such an awesome event and the Sunglass Hut tent is pretty much exactly where you wanna be if you’re going.

Every year there is a theme, something to guide you in dressing up, after all, we’re speaking about a day at the races here, it’s no place for jeans and slip slops. This years theme was “Made to Conquer – Dress Victorious” and yes it’s about as vague as that other thing. But it kinda needs to be, so that you can interpret it any way you want.

I think I kinda took the easy way out, and decided to go a little military inspired. Here was my look in the end.

Full-lengthdetailsMy-shoesAs I was flying solo, these photos were courtesy of my man Trevor Stuurman, who kindly offered to help out when he realised he was pulling off the look better than me anyway. Here he is below.

Trevor-SturmanI really wish I had picked up some more detailed shots of Trevor as this is a perfect example of pattern mixing and looking way more awesome when you wear a hat! Good job buddy.

As was to be expected, there were a few stand out gents in the tent, so I thought I would share them with you guys. Sometimes I wish I could be this brave when I get dressed in the morning, these cats just nail every outfit with confidence.

red-manred-man-detailsskul-loafersblue-man---full-lengthbroochblue-guy---bagblue-man-shoesBeing the Sunglass Hut tent you could be pretty sure that the sunglass swag was out in full force, now, I’m no expert at this stuff, but I did notice a big geometric shape trend going down.

sunglasses-4sunglassessunglasses-3sunglasses-2I dont know about you guys, but I am definitely feeling this last pair, and may need to get something round on my face soon.

Lastly, I wanted to share a little bit of flamboyance with you guys, after all, horse racing is usually about over elaborate headwear correct? I mean, that’s how you can be sure you’re at the races right? I just loved some of these pieces, my favourite though being Malibongwe’s (from Skattie what are you wearing) head chain – is that even what it’s called?headgearfeathershatAnd that’s it folks, it was an epic party and I was super lucky to attend. It’s a good thing the drinks were all on the house as I made some pretty bad horse choices and walked away a poorer man than I arrived. The only sure thing I know about luck, is that it changes.

Okay. Stay fancy.

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