back-packI recently picked up this Sgt Pepper brand backpack at Stuttafords, as you know I’ve wanted one of these old school backpacks for a while, it was even my want of the week a couple weeks ago.

I liked the fact that this one was made of real leather and canvas with lot’s of little details, so I took the plunge! And it has very quickly become one of my most essential items. I’ve used it as an overnight bag, a beach bag, a laptop bag (todays use) a bag to keep my shopping as I cruise around on my bike and of course a day pack! It’s awesome, and I’ll be telling how you can win one, at the end of this post.

The history of the backpack is a strange one, and so the origin of the modern backpack is not very easy to define. After all, Nena Ketley rightfully claimed “man has been carrying stuff on his back forever a back pack is nothing new” and forever it is, as this little accessory dates back to our hunter gatherer days when it was used as a way of transporting the hunt back to the camp – all be it in much smaller pieces.

Since then it has found it’s way into to everything from the military to the school yard with no real linear progression. The retro revival backpacks seem to be inspired by hiking and military backpacks of the 60’s and I’m ok with that, cause shit was kinda cool back then.

Ok, so, the guys at Sgt Pepper Brand have offered to send a new backpacks to one of you lucky people. Nice uh!?? Yeah it is! So this is how we’re gonna do it.

• You need to be following Sgt Pepper Brand on twitter

• You need to be following me on Twitter

• Then you simply need to tweet “I want the @sgtpepperbrand back pack @whatmybfwore is giving away” – I’ll also be throwing out some similar tweets and you can re tweet those too. We just need both brands and the competition in there.

• The competition runs from the 5th of Feb to the 12th with the winner announced on the 14th – yep Valentines day – OoowOoow (I wont penalise you for entering today though)

• This competition I’m afraid is only open to people living in South Africa.

Okay people, good luck.

Stay Fancy.


3 thoughts on “WIN: Essentials No 4 – The Back Pack

  1. Awesome – that bag is gorgeous! I need it for my man (his birthday is tomorrow) and would make the perfect surprise present.

  2. This is so cute and absolutely beautiful I’ve tweeted and RT’d @XhosaCliqs I would love to rock 2014 with that 60’s bag <3 <3 <3

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