Know-your-pattern--nailhead-1So it’s been a while since i’ve done one of these, no not a blog post (all though I know I’ve been a little slack because you know…life) but a “know your patterns” post. These all form part of making us better educated gentleman in the art of dressing, myself included.

Windowpane has been on my radar for a while now, I keep seeing it pop up on the menswear tumblr sites and Pinterest so I though it would be a good idea to do some research. Unfortunately, unlike my previous posts, this particular pattern seems to have very little information on it’s heritage, and by little I mean absolutely none.

It’s obviously part of the check family of patterns and is best described as resembling the panes of a window. Groundbreaking I know, but really thats it. That aside it’s very easy to identify. The checks are generally larger and much farther apart or widely spaced. What I have noticed, is that the line work isn’t necessarily simple single grids, but sometimes an intricate grid pattern just widely spaced.

Here are some examples:

Know-your-pattern--nailhead-2Know-your-pattern--nailhead-3Know-your-pattern--nailhead-5Know-your-pattern--nailhead-4I dont yet own anything with a windowpane check, but it’s definitely on my shopping list, maybe a nice blazer…or suit, or shirt. Or, you know errrthang!

Okay. Stay Fancy.



3 thoughts on “Windowpane – Know your patterns

  1. Thank you for the “Know Your Patterns” postings–very helpful. I had no idea what a “nailhead suit” was. May I suggest two additional patterns? Pinstripe and tweed.

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