3-sneakersFirst things first, the friendly folks at Puma Select spoilt me for my birthday with these incredible Alexander McQueen for Puma trainers. I’m really trying to get my sneaker game on and just absolutely fell in love with these guys the moment I saw them.

close-upback-viewBUT, because I’m a giver, I wanted to try and get a little something for you guys too, so I’ve convinced them to give anyone who comes in for this range of kicks 25% off. Yep, it’s that easy, just mention that I sent you and they’ll know what to do.

top-viewtoe-detailI’m definitely trying to raise my sneaker game and find new ways of dressing them up, it’s always that fine line of remaining casually dapper. I think a blazer and skinny chinos is always a good start, try stay away from jeans as it immediately tips the balance to casual. You don’t need a tie to keep it dapper, but I find that some details help keep it dapper. This is how I decided to dress them up.

Full-lengthpocket-squarewatch-and-braceletsneakers-backsneakers-2So the 25% off the sneakers is only available for my birthday week, so get into the store on Bree street before saturday the 24th of May.

Okay. Stay fancy.


10 thoughts on “My Birthday – Treat Yo Self with Puma Select

  1. Just found your blog, but must say I’m a huge fan! The layout is great, as well as the content. Your man is a dapper dressed dude as well. Kudos to both of you! Looking forward to more posts.

    1. Hey Kentucky gent!

      Thanks for the positive feedback – Just one of us now I’m afraid, but the name stuck.

      Let me know if there is anything you wish to see in the future.


  2. Hello ! Your blog is nice, your wearing is just awesome, you have the style !
    And the sneakers no comment, just perfect ! How can I find the same model pls ? 🙂

      1. You’re welcome
        I’ve looked on puma.com but I don’t find them. It’s maybe because i’m a Frenchi.
        So sad, thanks anyway

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