WOW. Its been exactly 2 months since I last posted. Sorry.

Now, its not entirely that I just got lazy and decided to take a vacation from blogging (we all need a break) but its also that I wanted 2015 to start a new chapter, or at the very least a new menu item within “What My Boyfriend Wore” or WMBW as it will now be known as! The latter is just less of a mouth full to be honest.

See, its been about 2 years of mens fashion on this page, everything from tips to inspiration and as much as I absolutely love being a dapper gent and sharing my thoughts on it with you, well, there’s more to being a gentleman than getting a dimple in your tie.

Dont worry, there are lots of tie dimples and pocket squares still to come, after all any outfit worth wearing is an outfit worth sharing (I totally just came up with that – self five) and menswear is still my passion, one that i know you guys all share. So, off the back of that, here’s 2015 first ‘look’


Nice belt uh? I kinda liked the red detail on this very grey suit, felt like it took it out of the corporate world and into something a little more fun. BUT, its not the belt thats important here, its that tasty mix of bourbon, bitters and ice all sweetened and stirred over ice that is.

How many of you know how to make an old fashioned? Well up until a few months ago, I didn’t! What kind of gentleman doesn’t know how to make such a classic drink (hangs head in shame)!

This brings us to the first new section of the blog.

WMBW-DRINK-ANo, this will not just be lame ass cocktail recipes. Gross. It will be all about the how, where and why of the most delicious drinks every man should know. How to make them and where to get them made for you.

Im pretty excited about this myself.

WMBW-DRINK-BWMBW-DRINKNow, man can not live on bourbon alone, sure we can try and we often do for longer periods of time than we should, but at some point we’re gonna have to eat.

Which of course, brings me to the next section of WMBW

WMBWEATS-BWMBWEATSSometimes it will be pizza (because of all that bourbon) sometimes it will be a 5 course tasting menu and sometimes it will be something i’ve cooked up in my kitchen.

Why? Well, a gentleman needs to know where to take the lady he is currently courting, has been courting or has already managed to wed. A gentleman should also always have a suggestion of “where to go” when the question comes up, be that a steak dinner, an indian curry hot enough to melt your plate, or yes, even a slice of pizza between events.

The cooking part, well, I love cooking, I’ve loved it ever since my mom gave me a Winnie the Pooh cookbook when I was seven. I might even be bold enough to say that it helped me convince the girl of my dreams that I was the man of her dreams (this is of course just assumption – but she’s never complained) So, I’m hoping to pass on everything from family recipes to exciting new culinary discoveries to you gents so that you can have a recipe or 2 memorised along with those drinks.

And lastly, the final new section of the blog.

WMBW-TRAVELS-CSee, I realised the other day that I live in one of the worlds top tourist destinations, with more beauty than you can shake a stick at, not that you’d want to, shaking sticks at beautiful things is kinda frowned upon in these parts.

But I’m new to this city, well, relatively, I’ve only really called Cape Town home for the better part of 2 years now, and I’ve decided that 2015 is the year that I will explore every corner of this beautiful place, from the little beachside resorts to the incredible winelands where drinking, eating and traveling all come together in one massive explosion of awesome.

WMBW-TRAVELS-LIONS-HEADWMBWTRAVELSWMBWTRAVELS-B&WWMBWTRAVELS-LEGSI’m hoping that my travels will take me beyond Cape Town as outside of fashion, traveling is my biggest passions (yes yes,me and everyone else out there) and up until last year I had visited at least one new city somewhere in the world every year for the last 8.

I’m hoping to get to share those experiences with you, not in a “wwwooooo hooooo…look at the cool stuff I’m doing” but in an honest “hey this is a cool place to spend a weekend / night / week” kinda way. As always I will be true to myself and to you guys, and just like I have with my fashion, I will never recommend something I don’t truly believe in.

I’m gonna try keep it fresh and different and always look for new angles, bare with me though, this is gonna be pretty new for the both of us, so feel free to leave me lots of feedback and comments, try keep them constructive though, I’m gonna need all the help I can get.

That’s it, lets make 2015 interesting.

Okay. Stay fancy.

Sunglasses by Ray Ban

Suit from Topman

Shirt from TM Lewin

Tie from Friday Tie Day

Tie clip from Suited Man

Lapel Flower by Suited Man

Pocket square by Weekend Casual

Belt by Ted Baker

Shoes by Dune London

6 thoughts on “WMBW in 2015

  1. OMG, totally loving the outfit, just been to my nearest Topshop Gateway. Couldn’t fine the suit, what’s the fabric and code if u got I wanna odder on line please help.

    1. Sorry Kukhanyakwezwe, the nature of fashion is that stuff gets sold out, otherwise we’de all be wearing the same thing. I’m afraid I no longer have those details for you my friend. Apologies.

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