london-collections-pastel-menswear-garconjon-4R2A2950sPastels. Who would of thought they could look so bad ass!

Sartorial Sundays, as we have come to learn from my tardiness is not so much about ‘Sundays” as it is about sartorial inspiration for Sundays, and as far as the perfect sunday look goes, this is it! I mean can you not see yourself lying in the park sipping on Pimms and lemonade and eating tiny food out of a picnic basket wearing exactly this! I certainly can.

This is one of those rare outfits that teaches us that no matter what the rules say, when something works it can sometimes work beyond the rules. Almost nothing in this outfit matches (besides the cravat and pocket square) and the yellow shirt with khaki blazer just shouldn’t work as they’re too tonally similar. But, I think its fair to say it all just does. Maybe it’s his “I don’t give a rats ass attitude” that comes through it all, making you look at a man dressed in pastel and think ‘Nailed it’!!!

I’ve put together something similar below, mixing it up a little and eliminating things like the cravat, not that there is anything wrong with cravats, but they’re just not for everyone, and they’re certainly not for me. I thought I would apply this to my style, and maybe add a hat (helps keep the sun off your face while sipping on that Pimms) if you like this look and want to replicate it, give these a try.

Straw trilby available here

Pink check blazer available here

Floral pocket square available here

Burgundy lapel flower available here

Beige linen shirt available here

Blue chinos available here

Tan leather brogues available here

Happy shopping.

Okay. Stay fancy.

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