Walking---Mastermedium-close-upThe folks over at G-Star RAW asked me a simple question (well, they’re asking everyone to be fair).

Do you wear your jeans tight or wide?

I decided to answer them with this outfit! Keeping it dapper and keeping it tight!

sittingjumpingI was lucky enough to meet up with Shubhankar Ray – G-Star Raws Global Brand Director for a little chat during this years Design Indaba and he is one hell of an interesting man. Anyone who goes from a science lab to the fashion industry is bound to be interesting though I guess.

We chatted about the success of G-Star Raw in South Africa at the moment, something that he attributes to being able to meet the desire for such an aspirational brand by entering the local market with an accessible price point. I couldn’t agree more. No point creating desire for a brand if you never give your consumer a chance to satisfy that desire, and for those of you who keep a close eye on price tags as I do…you would have noticed that G-Star Raw has now dropped from around R4000 a pair of jeans to under R2000 a pair of jeans. Pretty useful that! (They also now have an online store, where you pay what you see, no tax, no duties. FINALLY!)

We also got chatting about their current #TightOrWIde advertising campaign. Now, I say campaign, but really it feels more like research to me, because quite simply it wants to see what the world is wearing, tight or wide!

standing-backstanding---croppedSo far it seems tight is in the lead more so for the gents than for the ladies, but you can see the continued results on the campaign page.

My chat with Shubhankar though revealed that he believes we should start buying into wide pretty soon, the “tight” trend is no longer a trend, it’s been around for over 10 years and is now simply an option. Shubhankar believes when this happens we are always bound to see a shift the other way, so moving toward a looser fitting silhouette, he even went as far as saying he might be investing in a pair of bootleg jeans soon in preparation for yet another 70’s revival. I do hope he is wrong.


For those who want the details on the outfit, here they are:

Beanie and Blazer from Topman

Sunglasses by Ray Ban

Shirt by Ben Sherman – available at Stuttafords

Tie from Friday Tie Day

Pocket square by WeekendCasual

Jeans by G-Star RAW

Shoes by Ted Baker – available at Stuttafords

Okay. Stay fancy.

3 thoughts on “Tight or Wide in G-Star Raw

  1. I’ve been rocking bootleg jeans for the past decade and only now am I trying out tight/skinny jeans. I hope we don’t see a swing back to bootleg after I invested so much into my current wardrobe.

  2. I’ve been wanting to get a pair of boots, something distressed/blue collar kind of style that’ll go perfect with jeans and a plain t-shirt. Never can find anything that peaks my interest. Not only that, I don’t know if its me but when I wear a pair of boots paired with jeans, I feel awkward in what to do with my cuffs. (fold them, let them hang over).

    I’ll keep hunting!

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