FL---FrontThose of you who follow me on Instagram will know that it’s been a while since i’ve gone full fancy with all the trimmings! I actually kind of missed it!

So when I woke up today I decided I was going to mean Business when I left the house, thats right, business with a capital B just like I spelt it! I had some great new accessories from Bows-n-Ties that were yet to see the light of day (all be it a cloudy overcast day) and a new bag from Cravar bags that I just had to share with you guys.

As always it helps having a starting point for your outfit no matter what that starting point is. In this case, it was the green tie. I’ve been looking for a good dark green tie for a while now and because I’m generally so picky with my clothes the perfect colour and texture had not yet presented itself to me. Till now of course. Staying true to my rule of your pocket square complimenting your tie this pocket square was the obvious choice. I then just needed to tie it in with the lapel flower that picked up nicely on the pocket square while deciding to go a little rogue on the shirt that matched nothing!

All in all a harmonious mayhem of texture and pattern! Lets take a closer look!

bust-2lapel-flowerbusttie-clippocket-squareI was at this point tempted to pick up some brown shoes to help ground the jacket, but I had already decided on the black Cravar bag and wasn’t going to be changing my mind about that anytime soon. Theres just something about a beautifully made leather satchel (Hey if Ladies can have multiple handbags why cant gentlemen have multiple briefcases?! Exactly!) that makes you want to carry it around everywhere you go.

Now we all know by now (or we should) that our belts should match our shoes, but this extends way beyond belts and shoes and is really a case of leathers matching leathers. So this is anything from your watch strap to your bag and the same goes for your metals. This is how it all comes together then.


Like what you see? Well here is where it’s all from.

Sunglasses by Rayban

Blazer from Topman

Shirt by TM Lewin

Tie by Bows N Ties

Pocket square by Bows N Ties

Tie clip by Bows N Ties

Lapel flower by Weekend Casual

Belt from Ben Sherman (at Stuttafords)

Pants from Markham

Watch from MVMT watches (use promo code WhatMyBoyfriendWore for a $10 discount)

Bag from Cravar

Shoes from Dune

Okay. Stay fancy.

4 thoughts on “Fancy Friday in Green, Brown and Black

  1. Is a solid color tie always the safe bet when pairing it with a gingham shirt? I have a brown/white gingham, and want to pair it with a thick horizontal striped tie. Thoughts?

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