nc_chapscopu190915_049-1nc_chapscopu190915_052Our friends Barry and Natelee have recently moved to Dubai.

Now normally we’re not overly jealous about 40°C (104 °F) heat and beers that cost more than a decent pair of shoes. That was until she shared this new post on her blog and I let out a sad little noise somewhere between a whine and a wail! Now, I don’t want to give too much away because it’s her blogpost and her incredible photography, but I did think I’de give you guys a taste.

If you live in Dubai or are planning on visiting anytime soon, I would definitely go and get a trim at this place. Maybe even pick out a bike while you sip on your coffee.

Better make it an iced coffee, it’s still 40°C out!

nc_chapscopu190915_044nc_chapscopu190915_018nc_chapscopu190915_061nc_chapscopu190915_046nc_chapscopu190915_081nc_chapscopu190915_073nc_chapscopu190915_019Okay! That’s enough.

Go check out the full post here for all of the awesome and a full write up.

This has possibly reinvigorated my cafe racer dream…hmmmm – good thing i’ve just had a haircut or I would definitely be booking a ticket!

Okay. Stay Fancy.

2 thoughts on “Bikes and Barbers

  1. That is definitely one place I would love to visit! I would definitely love to check out those awesome pièce moto while sipping a cup of iced coffee! Thanks for sharing about this wonderful location!

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