Reviewing hotels isn’t easy! Taking pictures of hotel’s is even harder. Well, the picture taking part is easy. Point and click. Getting nice pictures that convey the feeling of the hotel beyond that of a brochure, can be difficult!

On our recent trip to Bali, we treated ourselves to the TS Suites for part of our 1 week stay – don’t worry, the Bali post is coming. It was by far the most fancy hotel I had ever stayed in, well, at least according to the pics on hotels.comI was amped!

Turns out, the pics weren’t wrong and it was actually going to be the fanciest place Ive ever stayed in. The place is super modern but with a bit of a Balinese edge to it (all be it a cheesy edge) in some places. The lobby is grand and the rooms are massive, but I guess for an all suite hotel, the rooms would have to be. The decor, as stated earlier, could maybe do with a slight update. I kinda wished they had picked a side, because the pseudo modern rustic vibe made me feel a little itchy. In saying that I’m hyper critical of aesthetics, but you decide for yourself. These arent the most amazing pics, but they give you a good sense for the place!

IMG_4123IMG_4486lobbyIMG_4399IMG_4382IMG_4374BedroomWeird decoration aside the place is spotless and the amenities are amazing. Our favourite in room perk was the complimentary mini bar. Yep! COMP LA’MENTARY! This simply means that everyday when you get back from your day out you feast on mini bar snacks and booze! It’s a pretty sweet deal!

There is however no sweeter deal, than what awaits you on the roof.

IMG_4090IMG_4442IMG_4095IMG_4456IMG_4427IMG_4434We spent almost all our time at this hotel up here. It truly is spectacular.

The pool is massive! Big enough that you can get away from the screaming kids when they gather. It’s also surrounded by pool loungers and we never had to search for a place to sit. Of course, it also has a pool bar with the obligatory Balinese happy hour of 2 for 1 cocktails. Watching the sunset over this pool with a Pina Colada in your hand is really what holidays are all about!

What else can I tell you that you wont find in the brochure or on a trip advisor review? Well, I can confirm that the staff are incredibly friendly and immensely helpful! They even go as far as checking you in to your room…while you’re in your room. Yep! They make sure you are entirely happy, then sit with you on the couch and let you check in! It really is the best service I have ever experienced.

Breakfast is good. Not great, but a good hotel buffet breakfast. We ate ours out by the pool, because, in case you missed it…the pool is EPIC!

The surrounding area is a little rough round the edges, but that seems to be most of Bali to be honest. The views aren’t terrific, or at least our weren’t but again, unless you’re on the beach looking at the ocean, then thats what you get in Bali. Oh, speaking of the ocean, you’re about a 15min walk away, but it’s a pleasant 15minutes surrounded by hawker stores and lots of great eateries.

Besides that, they really do everything they can to make the stay a good one, lots of things to do at the hotel, even a tiny little gym to workout in if thats your vibe. It was mine for a few days, but then I chose beer instead.

If you’re heading to Bali and are on a tightish budget I definitely recommend the TS Suites.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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  1. Any more photos of beach wear type outfits of what was worn in Bali on vacation? Headed to St. Lucia for my wedding and need to pick out some outfits for some of our casual photoshoots on the beach. Thanks!

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