IMG_1414When was the last time you thought about a hair comb?

I found myself frantically searching for one the other day in the hopes of calming this wild beard I’m trying to grow. I eventually stumbled upon some cheap piece of crap I had stolen from a hotel on a recent trip, used it quickly and tossed it into a draw somewhere. I’ve never really paid much attention to combs, but I kinda think thats about to change.

The gents at August Grooming asked me to review their combs, and to be honest, I thought to myself…“isn’t a comb just a comb”. That was till these guys arrived in the mail.

IMG_1330IMG_1344IMG_1364They arrived individually packaged in a simple yet beautiful white box, sitting neatly in their leather pouches.

I quickly realised a comb was no longer just a comb! I felt like the guys at August Grooming had created something you wanted to use straight away, something you didn’t just want to throw in your drawer but something you wanted to take out with you and show off.

Turns out, that’s exactly what the guys at August Grooming were trying to do in the first place. They wanted to bring back the luxury of the comb so that todays modern gentleman would carry it around with him all day just like they did before the 90’s. Something they were proud of. The problem was, everything out there was either cheap mass produced crap or made out of the same old boring tortoise shell it had been made out of before the 90’s.

So they made these beauties!

IMG_1336IMG_1362IMG_1355IMG_1349IMG_1346Every comb and pouch is hand made in Italy using a classic Italian process and given the nature of the acetate no two combs are the same. Personally I fell in love with the leather pouch. The embossed detail on the suede contrasts so nicely with the slickness of the acetate. It’s the kind of thing that you just wanna stick it in your pocket. So I did.

If creating attention is what the guys at August grooming were trying to do, then they nailed it. I was stopped endless times while wearing this comb in my lapel pocket. People are used to a pocket square, but this is something different, and people love different.

If you’re looking for a new dapper detail that sets you apart, or something special for the guy who has everything, I give these combs a big ol WMBW stamp of approval.

Okay. Stay fancy.


5 thoughts on “WMBW Reviews: August Grooming

  1. Would you mind doing a post on hair grooming, styling and the products you use to achieve your current look?

      1. I suppose you could give it a go and see the outcome. I, for one, would be interested

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