Mid-length-shotWhen it comes to mens jewellery, I like to tread incredibly lightly. Ive never really been one for rings chains or bracelets, leaving those shimmery delights for Greek and Portuguese cafè owners.

Now, when it comes to mens accessories, I clearly don’t have a problem. I’m more than happy to add detail after detail in order to complete or elevate an outfit. There is however a weird grey area between jewellery and accessories that I like to dabble in. Watches, leather bracelets and of course cufflinks. Now, despite owning my fair share of french cuff shirts, I really only own 2 pairs of cufflinks so these new one from Elite & Luck arrived just in time.

close-upface-and-cufflink-(1)Cufflinks carry with them a certain set of rules, so before you dash out and pick some up keep the following in mind.

The first and most important rule is that you only ever wear them with a french cuff shirt and a jacket. Ever! (More details on that here). The second thing to bear in mind, is your metal choice. Much like the colour of your shoes, should match your belt, the same goes for Metal. Quite simply put, match metal with metal. This is where having options comes in handy, and this is what Elite & Luck seem to have in droves! Choice!

Most of you probably wont wear cufflinks everyday, so when you do it’s more than likely an occasion right? A wedding, a big meeting, anniversary, birthday – You know what a special occasion is why am I giving you examples!? Anyway, so to help you adhere to the above rules, you want to think about what you have the most of in terms of other wearable metals. What is your favourite watch made of? Silver? Gold? You get the picture. Choose your cufflinks based on that and you will always be on point.

I’ve started building up quite a fair amount of rose gold in my accessories, everything from tie clips, to watches so I thought it was time to add some rose gold cufflinks to that mix.

Product---low-angleProduct---Top-ShotProduct---34Want more choice? The guys at Elite and Luck have taken choice to a whole new level! Using the power of gemstones (yep, that’s a real thing) they have created cufflinks set out to really get you dressing for success!

The cufflinks I chose above are made with Black Onyx that according to the website will do the following “…create an impression of authority and power, absorb negative energy and bring harmony to the wearer. The black color is the absorption of all colors and symbolizes power, control, discipline, and independence. Moreover, it is believed to bring good luck, business fortune, success, and happiness to the wearer” Will it work? Well, It’s definitely worth a try right? 

The Elite and Luck website really lets you decide what you want to achieve, and then points you in the right way for the best suited stone or style. If you’re looking for a gift for someone special or maybe deciding you could use a little gem power yourself, I strongly suggest giving these guys a try.

Okay. Stay Fancy

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