Treadshoeslogo-wallI recently popped into the newly opened Tread + Miller store in Canal Walk so see what the new kid on the block had to offer.

Although they already have 7 stores, the Canal Walk store is the first in Cape Town and I had heard good things. I was in search of a new pair of light brown or tan shoes, so I thought I would give them a try. The offering is very male focused and the store itself has a great industrial modern feel together with some old world touches like a permanent shoe shine offering – something you don’t see a lot of these days.

The range is pretty decent, with some well known shoe brands like Sebago, Crocket & Jones and adidas amongst others. I was more interested to see what the house brand “Arthur Jack” had to offer, so I got to work trying stuff on!

waiting-for-shoesall-the-shoeswindow-displayshop-assistantdoing-the-lacesshoe-shinetying-shoe-lacesThose who have been reading my blog for a while now, know that when it comes to shoes I have only 1 rule! Leather! Yeah, just “Leather” that’s the rule. Basically, I don’t need the fanciest most expensive shoes to be hand stitched by ancient monks in a tiny village outside of Florence, but my shoes do have to be leather. Nothing else compares to leather. It starts off beautiful, and gains character as it ages. Even if you don’t look after your shoes they will still age beautifully and with loads of character.

Lucky for me there were no shortage of leather tan shoes so I had the poor sales assistant running back and forth a couple of times helping me find the perfect pair. The shoes all seem to run a little large, so my usual size 8 foot found itself floating in most of the shoes and in some cases I had to actually drop down 2 sizes to a 6 to find a pair that fitted properly. So keep that in mind when you visit or order online.

shoe-pilelook-at-this-shoeB&W-one-footmirrorme-with-hatIn the end I settled on a nice classic pair of cap toed derbies but only after trying on half the store first. I don’t know who had more patience, the store assistant, or Elzaan who stood around documenting me trying on shoe after shoe as well as hat after hat trying to convince myself I can ‘pull it off” – I didn’t.

Yep, Tread + Miller also carry a pretty wide range of accessories. Everything from socks to shoe horns and of course, hats. Not any old hats though, but rather the super cool and very trendy Simon and Mary range of hats of which Tread + Miller stocks 3 different styles in varying colours. I loved this green guy, but Elzaan said it made me look like an American Park Ranger, so I thought it best to give it a miss.

You can take a look at the full offering online here with free delivery anywhere in South Africa or just pop into the Canal Walk store all week from 9am to 9pm. If you wanna stay up to date with what Tread + Miller are up to as well as any special promotions, you can follow them on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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